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Found 35 results

  1. Everything is in the title, what's wrong with the dev ? I'm pretty upset not to see a UI overall. When you look at other players, Poweramp is ridiculously bad. I just keep kit for the gapless playback, everything else is now trash.
  2. I have recently bought a LG X Screen and installed Poweramp on it. When I try to go to the next song or shuffle the list, Poweramp stops and doesn't do anything related to switching song or shuffling for a couple of seconds. It basically has a delay on anything related to switching or shuffling songs. I've tried to store the music in my SD Card and Internal Storage. Reformatting the SD Card hasn't worked either. I would greatly appreciate any tips on the issue! SPECS: Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-588-play, Android Version: 6.0.1
  3. While editing tags I clicked on genre " I used to type it bymelf mostly " but today I noticed ...that It's blank... Andriod version 6.0.1 V7a 32bit version
  4. So here is what came to my mind when I wanted to replay a 1hr long track from a certain point. That reminded me of the good old cue points I used to deal with back in time when Flash programming was fashionable The idea is to have - a UI control, which when pressed will register the time point (cue point) of currently playing track, and - makes another UI control available to seek to that exact time again when pressed - would be cool to be able to create a stack of cue points (not just one) Would be fairly easy to implement since this is purely UI enhancement that virtually requires 0 effort of new functions for the backend engine. What do you think Poweramp-ers?
  5. duo8

    UI revamp

    I know this has been said multiple times but I think Poweramp really needs UI improvements. Something like: Material design (as in color scheme, icon design and animations). Gotta wait for L first though.Tabbed UI. Slide left/right to switch to Albums, All songs, Playlist, Folders, ... Maybe the player screen should be a tab too.Some other small things: (These are just my opinion though) On-screen search button throughout the main screen. (The Albums/Artist/... screen.)A "Now Playing" bar on the bottom on the main screen, if there's something playing.Album view uses the album art as backgroundMaybe swipe to show quick scroll bar. That bar got in my way countless times. Especially when I'm trying to press that small menu button on the side.Up button on top left, overflow on top right, ... like other 4.x Android apps. Also transparent decor support.Option to change album display density, so you can display more in one screen. And unrelated to the above, but some kind of networking support would be nice. Like streaming from a media server, or even cloud support. And play to other devices. But these two seem farfetched.
  6. First of all, I hope I'm not posting a duplicate request, because I feel like I'm not the only one that wants this, but I haven't found a similar post. Since I am using a transparent theme, which allows me to see my Launcher background when I am in the music player, I would love a feature for toggling the album art region completely, so it would show the theme element behind it, instead of the Poweramp logo (in my case, the launcher background) . I wouldnt mind the Poweramp logo altogether, but it's all surrounded by a black square ⬜. It would be really cool to have this option as a toggle. So when I get bored of my transparent theme, I would definitely want my album art back. Also, for the album art, I would really love this feature, too: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3969-embed-album-art/
  7. I want the feature that enable user to control the player while watching lyrics. Maybe you can make separated frame right above control bar or the top of the display.
  8. While Poweramp is compatible with Tablet at OS level, the GUI is just not designed for this form factor. Some (unintended?) improvements have been made on Beta 3, but I am wondering whether Poweramp will be fully supported. For illustrative purposes, I have uploaded some actual screenshots from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Lost of space is wasted and button and title are just tiny for such a big screen; it looks beautiful on Galaxy S II phone, bit not on its elder brother! In landscape mode, things are not much better; buttons are still tiny and the title near-unreadable. The equalizer option could be bigger! Tone, Volume knobs, not quite how you would expect them on a Tablet. There have been some "improvements", as well, but still not quite there yet. BEFORE (Pre-Beta 3) AFTER (Beta 3), not perfect, but more Tablet-friendly. Hopefully, Poweramp will look good both on phones and tablets on release; half support is just not good. Thanks,
  9. Simple thing: When I skip a track my thumb tends to be covering where it names the current track. I reckon it would work better if the track were named at the top of the screen rather than the bottom.
  10. This Idea popped into my head the other day and I haven't been able to get rid of it, so I thought I'd share it and see if anyone else thinks it's as good as I do... Currently in the main "player" screen there are two different ways of skipping forward and backward through tracks. You can either use the buttons below the album art, or you can swipe on the album art itself. However, in order to select a different track in the album or playlist you are currently listening to, it is necessary to go back into the library menus. A good way around this (I think) would be to remove the track skip when swiping on the album art and instead implement a feature whereby drawing from right to left on the album art gradually brought a track listing in from the left side of the screen. The track list would move in synchrony with the users finger, and would disappear if the finger was lifted. with the users finger moving right to left, and the track listing moving left to right, the two would eventually meet. The user would be able to choose the next track by moving his finger up or down until it rested over the desired track and then lifting, causing the track to play. Its quite a simple idea, and I've probably made it sound more complicated than it is, but it's surprisingly difficult to explain without pictures! but basically the track listing would always move in synchrony with the users finger, (however in the opposite direction). Thereby making selecting a different track from the current album or playlist extremely quick, and more of a "swipe gesture" than something requiring multiple taps. Let me know what you think, I think its a great idea, but then I might just be going mad!
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