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Found 80 results

  1. Hello, Here is my problem when using Poweramp (2.0.9 on Android 4.3 on a Sony Xperia Z1) : sometimes the currently playing list shuffles with no reason which is annoying. It especially happens when I decide to add a music to a PLAYLIST : for example the currently playing music is my 8th / 1143 and if I decide to add musics i liked in range 1/1143 to 7/1143 to a playlist like music 4/1143, then this musics switches with 8/1143 so I cannot add previous musics in the order they played. And sometimes it just shuffles really randomly, I mean with no action on Poweramp (maybe sometimes when using another app than Poweramp, but it should not change my playlist order in Poweramp I guess). As this ever been reported, is there a solution or fix ?
  2. Hi all. I am the owner of a HTC M8 and have been using Poweramp for ages. Recently I am experiencing FC issues with Poweramp. Whenever I try to edit, create or do anything with a playlist, the app force closes. When I press the shuffle button, the app force closes. It is getting to a point that Poweramp is virtually impossible to manage. I mostly listen to FLAC an am currently on ARHD 11.1 as my ROM. HAs anyone experienced similar issues or does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Tried reverting to old version, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and clearing all the caches countless times, all with similar results. Any input on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.....
  3. Power amp is great and has potential to be the best. I usually end up playing DJ via bluetooth and found this app called party player that allows for sms song requests to come in play and start a que. I like the app but I think if it were already integrated into power amp itself it might flow easier. I know itunes had something similar like party shuffle or something like that but Id love to see it here since I have no use for apple and its products anymore. This option would allow more users to take part in the music being played only thru power amp.
  4. If I repeatedly press the Shuffle icon on the player screen while a song is playing, it cycles through the following shuffle options: Off - I think I understand this one Shuffle All Available Songs - also clear Shuffle Songs, Lists In Order - ? Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order - ?? Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists - ??? If I long-press the shuffle icon, I am offered the following options from a pop-up menu: Shuffle Off - understood All - all available songs? Songs - what songs? Lists - what does it mean to shuffle lists? Lists/Songs - no idea I don't know what the difference is between these options, except for Off and Shuffle All Songs. Can someone explain?
  5. I only recently discovered I can exclude / include list items in my library screen. So when I press Library I am given a choice of Artists, Albums, Genres, etc... And I've gone and pressed menu, then gone into List Options. It would be very cool if we could also re-order these items. That's my suggestion.
  6. My car stereo has options to enable shuffle and scan (10s per track) modes when playing via bluetooth. However, Poweramp doesn't seem to honor this setting yet. It would be nice if it was supported in a future version.
  7. I like a lot this music player. Definitely it's one of the best music players I could find in Playstore. But, I would definitely love to see a Smart Shuffle Playlist function. Used to play my music in an iOS app called Shuffle Better. It led me to shuffle all my music library, in a sort of On the go playlist, in random order. Then, I could add the song I wanted to play after the one I was listening. I could also lock the songs in the playlist by swiping my finger to the right (AND to the left it deleted the tracks I didn't want to listen) so I could RE-shuffle the playlist again but maintaning the songs I still wanted to hear. I'm new with Android, and hope that some player (maybe, I hope this one) includes this option. I hope you consider my suggestions and help me to solve my issue. Thanks and sorry from my bad english. I'm from Lima, Peru.
  8. I would like this because I would like to have two+ 4x1 Playlist widgets on my phone's lockscreen and jump between the playlists easily. Would also like the new 4x1 Playlist Widget to additionally have the Shuffle and Repeat options on it (vs. the current 4x1 widget) that are set for each Playlist Widget added, and are changed independently of each other AND the main player's Shuffle and Repeat settings (can remove the album image for space to add the Shuffle and Repeat options). Thx.
  9. You don't need to use the existing widget. You can create an additional 4x1 widget which doesn't have the left-side album image (if more space is needed). This way the 4x1 widget has all the important features, and is still small enough to put on my lock screen.
  10. Hello! I have a request for You guys. Here is my problem. When i have ~25gb of music (2000 songs or more), and for example 500 songs is one artist, and when i shuffle i have 5 songs this one artist in row. My idea is to make shuffle with algorithm, which will be counting chance to shuffle a song, and all the artists' songs will have proportion chance (less songs = more chance). If You cant get what i said, i will try to explain it better.
  11. There are a number of different types of shuffling options, but no explanation as to what each of them does (at least I can't find any explanation!). I would like to be able to start a playlist and then shuffle just the songs within that list. It seems that regardless of what shuffle type I select, songs that are not in the list I'm currently playing from are played as well. I'm using version 2.0.5, build 488. By the way - this is an incredible app and I would have happily paid twice what I paid for it ($4.99)! Keep up the great work, guys! (as long as you answer my question )
  12. Hi, I'm using Poweramp (very good app btw ) with 6k+ tracks in some 350 folders. I just start the app then select shuffle mode. No playlist. After some weeks of use I find out that some tracks come up quite often, while some others seem to be "forgotten". Therefore I would like to ask some questions about the "shuffle" feature : - does it select the next track using a random process? - or just reorder once and for all the whole tracklist at startup, then plays all tracks? (in this case each one of the 6k tracks should be played one and exactly one time before it is possible to hear a track anew?) - is there something like a size limit to the shuffle function? - do the folders act somewhere in the process? I would just like to have a plain constant probability for each track, no matter how long it is or which folder it belongs to. Thanks for your answer! Yuufo
  13. I have just downloaded the trial. I would like to shuffle play a genre. Here is what I do: -select genre type of list-list of albums in genre is displayed -select album-list of songs on album is displayed -select song-song plays -long select shuffle icon-popup menu of shuffle options is displayed I cannot find an option that will shuffle all songs in the genre. Any option other than shuffle all plays the songs on the album in order. The shuffle all option shuffles all songs in all genres. What steps do I need to follow to shuffle play a genre? Where do I find a user guide or detailed help for Power Amp? Thanks.
  14. I have around 20GB of music on my Galaxy S3, and generally use the option "Shuffle all available songs". Often though, a song comes on and reminds me of the original CD or casette it was on and makes me just want to continue listening to the next track on the album rather than shuffling onto the next random song in my entire collection. Since I most often listen to music while driving, it's a bit dangerous to navigate through the menu to the Artist then to the Album. A simple button that does something like "Proceed to next song on album" would be a great option I'm sure I'd use every day! Thanks for listening.
  15. Sorry if this is an old question. I did try searching. I want to be able to make a playlist (for this discussion, named "Favorite Albums") that is a collection of other "lists" (playlists, albums, etc.) and preserves the list boundaries. When I start playing "Favorite Albums", I could thus use the "Shuffle lists, tracks in order" mode, or the skip to next list button. Is this possible already? Or is this a feature request?
  16. Hello everyone! Just a simple question that I wanted to know the answer. When I have a playlist and set the player into shuffle mode, of course, you cannot finished all the songs in one play only, right? so when you stopped for a certain song and needs to restart your phone, does it remember all the songs I already played and separates it from the song I haven't listened yet? all the songs in your playlist are numbered 1 to 300 for example but you only played the songs (in shuffle mode) 1 upto 25 first and paused at song no.26 then you restarted your phone, when I play again the Poweramp, of course, it will start at no. 26 with that same song title before I restarted. my question is, do the songs I played from 1 to 25 will stay there and will not mix with song numbers 27 to 300? because if I restarted, maybe only the song at number 26 will remain and all will be reshuffled? I don't even have the full memory to remember that, hey! I already listened to this song awhile ago!haha sorry if my problem is quite shallow but enlighten me please! thank you! =))
  17. could you please add a shuffle feature? everybody imlements "shuffle" but it's really a poorly implemented "random" feature. Here's my issue. I have 288 songs on my phone. I only ever get to hear the same 50 because everybodys player only cycles through the same damn 50 songs. To shuffle: build a list. sort it randomly. play it serially. when you hit the end of the list, stop. this way I'll be guarenteed to not hear the same song more than once.
  18. What I really want from Poweramp is the ability to shuffle all songs by pressing the small skip button, but to go to the next song on the album if the skip button right next to the play button is pressed. As of right now I can't get power amp to behave this way. Is there anyway to make this an addition to the program? Overall an excellent program just wished there was a way to do that.
  19. I like to jump in and out of Normal Play (No Shuffle) and “Shuffle All”. Cycling through all the shuffle options or holding down the key and then selecting the correct shuffle option is an inconvenience. Are there any settings or skins I can use that allow me to hide the extra shuffle options I don’t want? Is there any way for me to simply have a “Shuffle”/“No Shuffle” toggle? Thank you for your help!
  21. I know there are numerous threads on this but I cannot get it to work. I have my list mode as heirarchy and I can see all of my folders. I long click on the one that I want to shuffle within, and press play (or shuffle) I change shuffle mode to lists, and repeat mode to advance it then shuffles ALL of the folders that are in the library... I have tried various repeat modes but none seem to do what I want... Is there a way to do this?
  22. Hello! I'm new to Android but not at all new to computers and media players. I've been busy evaluating different players in the market and the stock one on Galaxy S II. Poweramp comes very close to what I expect of a player, thank you!. I've got one question, though. If I start playing from All Songs list and then come back to Library I'm presented with currently playing song in the list All Songs. If I start with Album or Artist - same thing happens. But is there an easy way (without the need to search) to jump from currently playing song to the respective entry in every list? Let me clarify: let's say I started playing song X from All Songs and I've got shuffle on, after couple of songs I come to song Y and I realise I would like to hear more _from the same album_ or _from the same artist_, so I tap Library shortcut at the bottom of the player (where song details are) and I'm in All Songs displaying song Y. But if I now go to Albums or other category there is no an easy way to locate currently playing song short of scrolling or searching. I've noticed an option called 'Keep list scroll position' but I'm not sure what it does or if it's working at all. Am I missing something? Does it qualify for a Feature Request? Thank you m.
  23. Hi all, I ever use Poweramp in "All shuffle" mode. I searched a lot in settings but I can'find if there's a way to show next songs list when the player is in shuffle mode. In fact, if the player is in shuffle mode, when I tap library->list options, it shows all songs in order like A-Z, track number, year etc. but not the songs that will be played after in shuffle mode. Is there a way? Sorry for my English...I hope you understood my question. Thanks in advance. Bye!
  24. Smartplay Who will it be beneficial for? People who often listen to their entire library on shuffle People who like listening to songs on shuffle People who use the star ratings on their songs What is it? A checkbox feature that will play songs that you like, more often than others How will it work? When enabled, songs that are have higher star ratings have a higher probability of being the next song to be played on "shuffle" mode. Vice versa with songs with low star ratings. // Comments, opinions, criticism?
  25. I am having an issue, and I searched and read relevant threads already. I have two music folders, one contains full (single file) albums, the other contains albums broken into individual tracks. What I want is for Poweramp to shuffle all the full albums, without entering the other folder when it completes the list. I want it to keep on shuffling the full albums, unless I tell it not to anymore. I think if the shuffle mode were made to act like a normal shuffle mode, this would work properly when I select my folder and tell it to shuffle. Instead, Poweramp creates a list of those albums in random order, and plays that list in order. This is not shuffling, it is just making a random list and playing in order. So, even if I do that, and tell it to repeat the list, it will no longer be random. Am I missing something? Or, is this just the way it is? On an older version of Poweramp (before the new media library integration) I had my library (the full albums) and my folder (the broken albums), and could simply shuffle my library, the only time it would touch my other folders (with the individual tracks) is when I manually selected those tracks. Is going back my only option? Thanks, Dave.
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