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Found 73 results

  1. Tracks placed on queue cannot be played in shuffle order
  2. Could the "Queue" work as in Spotify? In Spotify you add the song in the queue and it starts after the one you are listening to at the moment and after the songs in the queue ends, automatically returns to the one you were listening to before. Could the next update include this? Everyone agrees with me?
  3. When I tap on a song in a search list, appears message 'added to a queue', but in fact, there're no changes in a queue.
  4. When a song in the Search results is long-pressed and 'Queue' is pressed at the bottom, then the song gets queued. But, if the 'List Item Click Action' option is set to "Enqueue and stay in the list", then pressing a song on the Search results doesn't queue it. However, it works elsewhere, for example at 'All Songs', 'Folders' pages etc. Screenrecorder-2018-11-04-21-36-35-364.mp4
  5. In queue section, shuffle button doesn't shuffle, it just restarts the queue since the first song...
  6. Hello, It would be great to have a feature for queues that let you (just like the option to enable 'Ignore Shuffle') be able to ignore the current repeat settings and let it move back to the previous list/playlist when it is complete. My use case for a feature like this is where I have a playlist I want to repeat forever, but I also want to add songs to the queue to be played next. I want it to: Start the queue on the next song Complete the queue Move back to the original playlist without looping the queue/changing the repeat settings Continue to infinitely loop the playlist. Thanks for reading
  7. Version: v3-build-802-play Note: I've already turned on "Auto-Advance From Queue". Problem: After one queue has finished on playing it's last track, Poweramp starts the queue again, and does not return to the playlist where I started from. Hypothesis: This issue is likely to be caused as Poweramp treats queues as playlists and uses the same Repeat & Shuffling settings from the previous playlist. Possible Solution: If possible, please let Poweramp remember those Repeat & Shuffling settings independently for queues. Thanks!
  8. First, tried if there is another same post but found none. Anyhow, when you are playing a song then set another one, say, in another folder to Queue, the song will finish then jump to the queued song. After the latter ends, it will return to the last song played before the queued one and play it again. In v2, this was not the case. This was the pattern in v2 -- Song1 (Folder1) -> Queue Song1 -> Song2 (Folder1) In v3 -- Song1 (Folder1) -> Queue Song1 -> Song1 (Folder1)
  9. But only if the queue was empty beforehand. If I open the app after a crash, the queue works fine again (because the queue has songs in it now). If I then clear the queue and try queueing again, it crashes again. Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  10. It would be handy to be able to search songs while making a playlist... Or am i missing something here? Help.
  11. And used to old V2 queue playlist, where for example: I put songs in Queue and stop until all the songs in the playlist where played, even if closed the app and resume where I was later. But now in 793, I put songs in Queue it plays them but when I close the app and later play again it doesn't resume where I was in Queue at all, just plays other stuff I was playing before the Queue playlist. So was the point of Queue now? if the app just forgets about them. I want to think it's just Bug.
  12. After choosing "Auto download artist art" there's no way to revert back to using album art after Poweramp has downloaded images. The only current way is manually downloading an album cover and setting it individually for each artist. If you as a song to the queue while it is playing the last song, it will look as if the new song is playing (album art and only visible song in the queue), but audio will continue as normal. Whoever, when the song finishes the queue is exited and the new song is not played. Likewise, when exiting the queue (after having played some other list, it now returns to the last played song, instead of the next one in that list. This means the same song is played twice; once before the queue and once after. The album art is not always displayed on the lockscreen. Can't figure out a way to trigger it.
  13. I've been using the Premium version of Poweramp on Xiaomi Redmi 4A for a year now and I'd like to suggest a few things that I'd like to see fixed/added next time. Thanks! Identical names. For example, you have a few records called "Demo" in your library, the app will list them all only under one name and that means that the tracks from different albums will get mixed up in one list. What I would like to see is "Artist 1 - Demo; Artist 2 - Demo; Artist 3 - Demo" in my library. Also, there's just this weird thing that Poweramp chooses one artist randomly for a compilation or a split record. Take the singles compilation by The Specials for instance, it mainly has songs listed under The Specials and the last 4 songs are released under The Special A.K.A., so in the library for some reason the album is listed only under The Special A.K.A. I think it could use the slash symbol like this "The Specials / The Special A.K.A.", that would work greatly with split releases especially. No albums differentiation in a playlist. Now this one really bothers me. Sometimes I just want to play an artist's discography and instead of playing one album after another the way they're placed alphabetically, it plays every song alphabetically. Yeah, you can play one album and then put the others in the queue, but wouldn't it be easier just to play the artist's discog in two touches? Clearing queue. Not that it's very important, but it seems kinda redundant to me that you have to clear the queue each time it's done playing. Why can't it just clear itself or don't add up at all and work as a playlist for a moment? Once again I really hope you won't brush this off and work on these little things. I'm just looking for the best app and you have a chance to be one.
  14. Looked in AIMP and other desktop players, that support queue. After queue finished now we have 2 options: stop and back to last list. Add 3-rd option - continue play next file from last file in queue. Examples: There is Folder1 with songs Song11, Song12, Song13 and Folder2 with songs Song21, Song22, Song23. Now playing Song12 and i add to queue Song22. Variants: 1. When Song22 ends players stops (present in PA). 2. When Song22 ends player goes to play Song13 (present in PA). 3. When Song22 end player goes to play Song23 (feature request).
  15. I've recently discovered the queue function and find that it's been really awesome however now i'm facing the problem of being unable to clear the queue. A quick search of the forums shows others have had the same issue stemming from 2015, to which there STILL has been no fix. The same mod has been spamming the same useless solution: "Go into the Library View and tap on the Queue, then press menu > "Clear Q". Andre" Well the problem is that most Android phones have ditched the "menu" button so there is literally no option to access the "Clear Q" button. Right now I have like 70+ songs in my queue and really don't feel like individually deleting each song every time I make a new queue list. Anyone actually find a solution to this? Literally tried everything and am really frustrated. If the devs are reading this, could you just add a button in the queue list. EDIT: Realised the app literally hasn't been updated for a year. What a joke.
  16. Just downloaded Poweramp - Great app I am slowly finding my way around, but have come unstuck when setting up a queue when there is nothing currently playing. I've modified the settings to play queue immediately a track is added, but it doesn't do that. I have to go into Queue select the track - long hold and select play. Once the queue is playing, I can add other tracks and it all works fine. Have I missed something? I expected the queue to play after the first track is added, or play a new track that has been added after the current queue has finished playing. Still evaluating, but this looks very good.
  17. I work a lot with the queue to quickly adjust my music to the mood of the listeners. For example, I first play a complete folder or playlist, usually by random. Then I sometimes search for one or more matching titles and paste them into the queue. The titles from the queue are then to be interrupted by the folder playback and played until the queue is empty. The already played titles were then grayed in the queue. In Poweramp V2 I had never problems with it, everything ran in the best way! My settings for the queue are: Play queue: by current title Back to queue: YES Repeat after queue: YES Ignore random playback: YES In the V3 703 Alpha, I have identified several problems with regard to the behavior of the queue: Problem 1: sometimes the queue started with the second assigned title, and not with the first ranked title Problem 2: Actually, it always happened that after the last title was played in the queue, the queue was played again from the beginning, that is, That the folder playback was not continued Problem 3: If after the Problem 2 additional titles were placed in the queue, the queue got totally mixed. You could only help by the queue was completely emptied. It would be very nice if the cause of these problems could be found and eliminated. Many greetings! Frank Finsterbusch (FFhex), Jena, Germany
  18. I love to use playlists for music playback, but sometimes you just want to hear a few songs in between. That is where the queue function should come in, after selecting a few songs for the queue the player nicely switches over to the selected queue. When the queue finished playing however the progress in the playlist is reset and the playlist starts from number 1 again repeating songs you already heard. The queue function in Spotify for example saves the progress in your current playlist which is how I feel it should be. Not sure if this should be under bugs or feature requests but it may be intended behavior so I put it here. I included some screenshots that show the process.
  19. Hi, Just bought Poweramp from Google Playstore. It is an amazing app! I do not know if this is already in the settings but I am unable to find it. I want all the songs that have already been played in a playlist to change color. This is helpful when you switch between playlists. All that is needed is if the play-head crosses from the end of 1 song to the next one in a playlist the previous song title changes color. This is already implemented in Queue! All the songs that have been played change color to dark grey. Is there some setting I need to switch-on to make this feature work in Playlist as well? (I have read on the forum that the last played song in a playlist is not remembered if you play some other song. So this simple sensible workaround is not available). I hope the above feature actually exists for playlist since it has already been implemented for Queue else it makes Poweramp much less useful for me. Thank you.
  20. In build 704 the only menu options are Album, Artist and Folder. Even when the tracks are playing from the Queue. Could we please access the Queue from here as well? Presumably access to the currently playing Play List would be appreciated for the same reason?
  21. Hi guys. I love Poweramp and have been using it for years. It has truly transformed my phone into a modern day walkman. I have a feature request to ask you to take into consideration: For a while now, there's been a disconnect between my intuition and how Poweramp behaves. My problem is with the Queue. Usually, I listen to music using custom playlists on repeat. But I often find myself wanting to sprinkle the playback with single plays of one or more tracks. These tracks I will put in the Queue, only to encounter the issue discussed here: What I request is an option to treat the queue differently from other lists. An "Auto-Advance from Queue - And I mean It!" setting, so to speak -Only play through the queue once, then resume playback of the previous list - regardless of the repeat/advance list setting, which I don't expect to apply to the queue. -It would also be nice the have the queue auto-cleared once it's done. Regards, Martin
  22. Hi. I'm using Poweramp for quite a long time already, but this feature is something that I especially found missing past few weeks. Sometimes I queue songs - most of the time there is a hell lot of them. Sometimes it would be more convenient to just enqueue full album and then delete a few songs from the list. Now it's very annoying - you have to do it one-by-one, or moving songs to the top of the queue (also, this is impossible when the queue is not started already). Is it possible to add this kind of functionality?
  23. I'm pretty impressed with what Poweramp has for features; well worth the $4. I would love to have an option to clear already-played items in the queue. So, basically, if I have 50 items in my queue, and I'm on song 35, selecting this option would remove items 1 through 34. I tend to add stuff to my queue as I am playing songs, and I would like to remove stuff as it is played to keep the queue down to a manageable level, but manually removing more than a handful of items can be slow and tedious (I can remove 2 items, then I have to wait, then 2 more items, wait some more, and so on). As it is now, I typically wait until the queue is finished, then "Clear Q" and start from scratch. Which works, but this would be way cooler.
  24. Poweramp doesn't back to playlist after playing queue. When queue ends player stop playing.
  25. The queue seems to have a few issues that need to be looked at. I can make one just fine and it starts playing as it should when my current song ends. But after updating to the newest version (build 702) I can no longer swipe on the album art to change song when the queue is playing. It doesn't seem to make any difference what songs are in it, how many are in it or where it currently is in the queue. I can only change by clicking the buttons. As soon as the queue ends swiping works as normal. Another issue is that album arts aren't displayed correctly in the queue. It displays one album art for the entire queue (art for the song that was supposed to be played with no queue). Locking and unlocking the device seems to fix the art. EDIT: New issue has arising when I went to test it one last time. Now the queue only plays the first and last song, it skips over everything else. After restarting the app I've not been able to replicate it sadly, though it did happen 3 times before I restarted the app.
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