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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Poweramp, one of the best improvments that I've seen you implement is the fact that certain EQ presets can be applied to specific devices, which is pretty handy for people who play music via Poweramp through more than 1 source (bluetooth speaker, wired earphones, car audio system etc.). One thing that's missing though is to implement an action for activating MusicFX with specific bluetooth devices. I'm using James DSP manager for my galaxy buds to use a parametic eq, which is activated via the MusicFX button in Poweramp, but I don't need MusicFX for my car audio system or my bluetoot
  2. Hello there, Im using honor 8 pro. In settings -> advanced tweaks, it says musicfx is not supported by rom. Is there any way to fix that? songs i use are atleast of cd quality. which output is better to use in opensl es hires output. 3.5mm jack or an external dac(dragonfly black) ? which sample rate should I set for the output.? earphones i use are campfire audio io and bgvp dm7
  3. It works when i tap on it but i can't open app's equalizer. When it will be fixed? Give an answer please i just tired of questioning.
  4. As my title says the previously featured Finnish translation has been missing in the last two versions. Also that musicfx menu is still broken and does not open with the long press thing.
  5. So the actual musicfx feature works, but when I first plug my headphones in I have to go and toggle between enabled and disabled state. Unless despite the fact that the musicfx button is "on" I can hear that it is in fact off. Other issue is that what I described in the title. So when I go in to the equalizer window and swipe to the right and try to open the musicfx settings, the musicfx thing just crashes. I don't believe that the musicfx ui or anything like that is broken in my phone because spotify can open that thing just fine. However that doesn't effect the
  6. After that the latest version brought us dark theme, theme wise I'm OK with it until 3rd party skins have been updated for v3. However musicfx is not working right at least not for me. I can turn it on and off and I can hear the difference so it is still working just fine. But the ui for the musicfx settings does not open up when I long press the button on the settings. Luckily it remembered the settings from before and I can tweak the audio settings just fine with Poweramp, but this is a bug that would be nice to get fixed before this would be marked as a stable relea
  7. When the MusicFX button is enabled in advanced tweeks, and you go to the volume control panel and toggle MusicFX Poweramp will use an external equaliser e.g. Dolby Atmos, to enhance sound output. On my phone, however, the toggle switch function is swapped around so that, when DVC is disabled and MusicFX is enabled in settings, for me to use Dolby Atmos the MusicFX toggle needs to be set to off. And when it is set to on, Dolby is disabled and Poweramp uses its own settings instead. Does anyone else experience this issue?
  8. http://imgur.com/a/6u58s I want to use MusicFx function, but like that screenshot, MusicFx button didn't appear What should I do to use it?? Should i turn off the DVC?? Plz help me....
  9. Hello! I'm operating my SGS2 with CM 10.1. Poweramp now support usage of DSP Manager by enabling MusicFX. However, when I enable "Dynamic Range Compression" for headset, I hear a very loud noise when starting playback after pause. This noise can be described as if you drop the needle of a turntable from a distance of 5cm. This issue is only reproducable with "Dynamic Range Compression" enabled. Enabling/disabling "Bass boost" has no impact. Anybody else having the same issue? THX
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