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Found 70 results

  1. I recently started getting issues with my Poweramp. I've had it for little over half a year and liked it quite a bit when I first got it and bought it right away. I've added new folders of music to my general music folder used for Poweramp and when I perform a rescan my library doesn't update and I have the same number of songs. I've tried changing the folder in which the songs are in and I've added and deleted and re-added the songs multiple times with no avail. Does anyone know a fix for this problem? Edit: Got it fixed. Just clear the app data in settings
  2. Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OS: Android 4.3 Stock (rooted) Poweramp: 2.0.8 build 521 The Library button in the library/folder section does not work. Clicking the folder button works, showing the folders in the view specified but clicking the library button does nothing except go to the highest hierarchy in the folder (therefore showing all folders in the current view). The indicator is still on the folder.
  3. Latest full version of Poweramp doesn't respect .nomedia files. I am new to this program and I thought it would only add songs to the library. Instead, it added almost all media files on my sd,even media files from games. Stock and other music players only add songs. Am I missing something in the options?
  4. For explanation 4PDA forum: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=194117&view=findpost&p=20920377 MaxMP and Poweramp users, what do you say? I think would be a handy feature.
  5. I would like to be able to play a subset of my library. Specifically, on the Library view, I'd like to be able to play all Recently Added tracks, and shuffle between them. Same for Top Rated. It would work with an extended press on "Recently added" in tha same way it does with Albums. TIA!
  6. Hi, I'm using Poweramp 2.0.7-build-515 Full Version on a HTC Desire Z ( Android 2.3.3 with HTC Sense 2.1 ). I have a number of tracks where the artist tag is "Artist X (featuring Artist Y)" on albums by Artist X In Poweramp library artist view this is shown as differing artists e.g. Artist X, 9 tracks Artist X (featuring Artist Y), 1 track The tracks are from the same album & the album artist for all tracks is "Artist X". I would like there to be a setting to choose whether you use Album Artist tag in preference to the Artist tag. Many Thanks
  7. When I scroll through my music and play a track, I'm really not interested in looking at the album art. No, I want to stay in the list I'm at and may be change track or whatever. Please just have an option of having the player in the bottom of the screen when looking in folders/library/playlists and just keeping the view unchanged when clicking a new track. Or have a small play button on every track for playing the track while keeping the list view. Thanks for the great sound /spejr
  8. Hello, First of all the obligatory but undeniably true thanks for making this awesome piece of software. i used to be an avid playerpro user, but the features and overal polish this program receives make it win out by a wide margin for me. As for the feature request, in the library i have only the "artists" view enabled, because i like to navigate artist>album, then play (though selecting track is no problem). However, while i have only the artists view enabled, i still have to select it whenever going to the library. Is it possible for Poweramp to automatically show the artists view (or any view) if no other view is enabled Edit: Couple other requests. When an artist only has one album, please automatically go to track mode, rather than having to select that lone album. A way to disable folders view completely (allows me to remove the bar). (most importantly) Have the sorting when playing an artist be date/album/track number, rather than alphabeitcal.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but certainly it is a changed behavior from previous version. In library view, when I chose to play all albums from one artist Poweramp used to play all songs from first album, than all songs from second etc. In version 2.0.1. it plays all the first songs from all albums from that artist, then all second songs etc. Even when I enqueue one artist I get queue with all first songs from all albums followed by second songs from all albums etc. All files are MP3 VBR with all tags defined correctly. The device is Huawei Ideos X5, stock Android 2.2.1.
  10. I manage my music files (mostly podcasts) by plugging my phone into my computer, then use Windows Explorer to add or delete MP3 files from my phone's music folder. However, when I delete files and then rescan the music folder (either basic rescan or full rescan), the deleted files still appear in the folder. They cannot play (obviously), but the only way I can get them out of the folder file listing is to rename the music folder (using Explorer), then go into the Select Folders dialog to select the folder with the new name, after which it rescans the new folder. Is there anyway to get Poweramp to remove deleted files from the folder file list? (I do not use playlists, since I copy podcasts to the music folder daily, and delete earlier ones daily.) Jim
  11. You guys have created a fantastic app, but I have just one request: give us the option to choose which library we would like to use, Poweramp's built in library, or our system library. I have a Galaxy S, and it used to be that your amp worked perfectly in this area. In fact playlists and the music library would update instantaneously, no rescan necessary. The moment a song was added to the device it appeared in my Poweramp library, I would be searching for a song, not see it there, transfer it to the device, and then go back to Poweramp and the formerly empty search field would show the song I just transfered, no memory lagg or freeze up. The music library was even available between every app on the phone. But then when Poweramp decided to make it's own music library, I understand there were some benefits to initial scan times, and multiple sd cards, but the headache just isn't worth it for a lot of us. Would you all consider giving us the option to at least use the system library instead of Poweramp's custom library? Please and pretty please, I beg you. I am a DJ, and as one passionate about my craft I do my best to have my phone equipped with solid playlists to pull from for any given moment in life where a good soundtrack is needed. There have been a ton of really great moments with this app! Your app's queue, search, playlists, crossfarder, and ui are unmatched in this regard! In a pinch I can dj off this app, and that's saying something. But the sad part is I have wasted COUNTLESS HOURS rebuilding my wonderful playlists. Yesterday I tried again, and exported the playlist after adding 140 songs to it. Then today after adding new songs to the device a rescan was triggered, bye bye went my playlist. I was left with 58 songs in the playlist, and an incomplete library, which required another rescan. I can see the playlists I exported in the playlist directory, but why doesn't Poweramp import them when I select import playlists? Do you see how frustrating this is? Yesterday I even began using Winamp!! It's just faithful.. but the UI is much worse and I went back to Poweramp only to find this happen. It seems arrogant of you guys, that you give users the option to disable the system library, but you don't give us the option to choose which library we like better. Please, let us choose.
  12. I'm trying to discover a feature that I would assume is part of the program, but I cannot find it. If I navigate to a song in the library as follows: Library Albums Almost There I Can Only Imagine Then is there a way to set up the phones back button to return to Library/Albums/Almost There? I also get irritated that when I hit the Folders/Lib shortcut from the player UI it returns me to the root of Folders/Library instead of the most recent location. Is there a way to change this as well? If it is important, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3.
  13. Hey, I've been using Poweramp on a Galaxy S2 running CM7 (Android 2.3.6) for a long time and when I browsed my library (filtered by artists) every time I selected an artist I was given a list of all the artist's albums and a selection that was named something like "All artist's albums". Now that I have upgraded to CM9 (Android 4.0.4) I do no longer have that option: Screenshot: http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9059/screenshot2012070510581.png However... I have also installed Poweramp on an Android 4tablet and the "All artist's albums" option is available. So this is most likely me not finding a setting?! I'd appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction :]
  14. Hi there, I thought that maybe another suggestion might take place. This feature request targeted to solve the same problem as in post http://forum.poweram...dpost__p__11776 Thank you for wonderful player with great sound. I listen to lossless (flac and ape) rips from cd and vinyl and found quality of sound very true. In my local home library more 1000 albums in about 500 Gb. The most of it is jazz, a lot of good old rock, some classics and blues. It's impossible to copy all my collection to my galaxy tab even if use 64 gb SD card. So, I mounted cifs and listen to the most my collection over wi-fi (thanks to wolfson DAC on SGT, etymotics ER-4 and of course Poweramp - sound very nice). There is an issue to enjoy the music. After disconnecting local library source (shut down desctop, turn off wi-fi, whatever) Poweramp loosing all media in cifs folder except the ones it has on sdcard. It happens even cifs wasn't unmounted. For instance TTPOD keeps media from cifs even if source down or device used away, playing only media from sdcard. Rescan library take 5-8 minutes and make device unusable at the moment - nothing actually work when scan running. I think maybe adding profiles (for instance - "Home library", "Work library", "Going Out library", etc) would be great. In such profiles add ability to choose different folder. Such profile would help to easily use the Poweramp in different situation and significantly reduce scan time. Hope you find this reasonable. Cheers
  15. Hi, I love Power Amp but I moved over from using WinAmp which had a "Recently Played" option. I believe this is also a feature in Apple products.. It just creates a dynamic playlist of all the songs you've manually played. Just another way of creating a favourites playlist without having to assign a rating to the songs. Amazing player - would be perfect if it had this feature too. Thanks.
  16. I have a problem with the scan folders and I am trying to remove everything from the library but it's not possible. How can we erase the library? Thanks,
  17. I would like to remove artists found on compilation albums from the library view, is this possible? If not can it be implemented?
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this feature has been lost at some point. In "Library ==> Artists ==> <an artist> ==> All Artist Songs", I wish to have the list sorted/seperated by albums first, and then by track number within those albums. I think this used to be the default behaviour? I just changed to a new phone and I can't work out how to set it like that anymore. The closest I can seem to get is to sort by year (not ideal, sorts alphabetically after year), or to play individual albums with Poweramp set to advance through lists (also not ideal since I then can't loop just the list I want). Anyway thanks for listening, please correct me if I've just missed a setting somewhere! Apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere!
  19. Loving the new look but have one problem. With the old library/folders system, I could put podcasts into their own folder and Poweramp wouldn't play them during "shuffle all" playback. Now they are integrated into one view, I assume they will play every time now. This will become very annoying and prevent me using Power Amp as I have many podcasts. Is there a way of excluding folders from shuffle? Otherwise I'll have to go back to stock. I would hate that as power Amp is Soooo good. Please advise
  20. Having recently purchased an Android honeycomb based tablet I was horrified to to find that the native apps would not play WMA files. Having discovered this app I am thrilled and enjoying playing with all the features of t)e trial version. Prior to purchasing your app I would like resolution to the following two issues: 1. Most of my music was placed in folders and some in library. How do I move all music into the library to take advantage of the library features? 2. All of my music in the folders is properly tagged but no album art appears. How do I rectify?
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