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Found 62 results

  1. Hello. I'm trying to optimise Poweramp EQ for my Earsonic SM3 V2 iem, and would like to konw a few things about the EQ settings. 1. What are the maximum and minimum amplitude of the EQ if I don't set the extremes to -/+ 7 dB? 2. Are the steps equal in dB? For example, if I have the -/+ 7 dB extremes ticked on, and I increse a frequency band by one step, do I get 7dB/10 = 0,7dB amplifification? 3. Can I somehow predict the amplification as function of a frequency? For example, if I increase 125 Hz band by 2 dB and 250 Hz band by 4 dB, what will be the amplification at 200 Hz? Are there some logarithmic sine functions or such for this purpose? Thanks, vilhoke
  2. Are saved custom equalizer settings accessible other than through the equalizer interface within Poweramp? I have a lot of customized settings that are attached to certain songs or albums, but I also know I'd like to apply them to other songs or albums with which they are not currently associated -- but doing this with my fingertips on my Droid Razr is a pain. I'd really like to be able to plug a USB cable into my phone and enable my desktop system to see the files on the phone and then go in and edit the equalizer settings from my full-sized keyboard/computer. Are those settings in an accessible file? If so, where does it reside? If not, could you make that accessible so that we could manipulate the equalizer parameters in that manner? That would be great! TIA, Mark
  3. I saw this requested once before, but didn't see any response. Is it possible for Poweramp devs to create the app's EQ as a standalone (system-wide) EQ? The Poweramp EQ is vastly superior to every standalone Android EQ, but it does me no good when I'm listening to Pandora, Rhapsody, Google Music, etc. I understand that Spotify integration is coming, and that's awesome, but I would gladly pay $5 - $10 for a quality, system-wide EQ. Please?!
  4. Since earbuds and headphones can vary so much, it would be nice to be able to tame the sometimes wildly-varying upper-end frequency response of these. Also, the resonance in our ear canal color the sound horribly, and a feature like the ability to this would help to alleviate that as well. I use parametric EQ on my HD-800's (home use), and the sound is breathtaking. Steve
  5. I just registered to suggest this tweak/feature! Iv'e been using the trial app for some time now and my only complaint is that you cannot reduce the treble properly! The equalizer is only that much useful. (Only goes to 16k and doesn't seem to reduce further) my workaround was to use it in conjunction with dspmanager in cyanogenmod but when i updated to a newer rom it stopped working. Anyways it is the best music player for android in my opinion!
  6. Hi, it would be possible to add Trance Equalizer Presets In the new version? Milan
  7. Love, love love Power Amp. With that out of the way I have to say that I really like using my car dock and nothing more would make listening to my music on with Power Amp better than a dancing equalizer visualization. It would go along with your music and It would make a really great feature that would make the separation from the competitors even further than it already is. It could be an option instead of album art or maybe it can be transparent over the album art (Idk). It could be a paid feature that I think a lot of people would buy. Especially if they use their car docks.
  8. That would help alot, if you can actually see the numbers of decibels. Hopefully you can do this. Thanks!
  9. So, I have a Samsung Fascinate and I downloaded Poweramp. I have been playing around with the EQ settings to see what I like the best, but I cannot seem to find a setting that works good. I listen to all kinds of music whether it is Rock (such as Three Days Grace or Rise Against, etc.), Rap (Jay-Z, Mac Miller, etc.), or even Country (Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, etc.) I have been reading that most of the people use the Rock preset, and I tried it out. While it has a nice bass, it drowns out the rest of the sound in my opinion. I am extremely picky when it comes to the way music sounds. If you could, it would be helpful if you guys posted the EQ settings that you use so I can see if one works good for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Just wondering if it would be possible to have the equalizer appear as a system app in the Music effects menu in sound options. I've found the equalizer makes my volume on my Galaxy Nexus HEAPS louder and clearer whilst playing music, but trying to watch a youtube video is impossible with such low volume. Even if you were to make it as a free-standing app I would gladly pay for it.
  11. Hi, I've got a Galaxy Nexus, and I love Poweramp, since it's the only player i've seen which doesnt stutter while the screen is off by using the audio buffer. HOWEVER, I've noticed that once I start playing a song with it, it cancels out Volume+ and Equalizer, and other apps that do similar things. This is a big thing for me because the Galaxy Nexus has very poor speaker volume for notifications and ringing, but with music playing over Poweramp it comes out VERY loud. I was wondering if there was a possiblity to have the Equalizer for Poweramp apply to the whole system via the "Music Effects" option in sound options. Or have Poweramp not cancel it out completely.
  12. well this is so newbie question, but couldn't find any information by googling... sorry. I wanna know about default range of power amp equalizer set. In option, I can select 6db equalizer band, but not mentioned a default range anywhere. maybe +-12? +-14?
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