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  1. Poweramp Equalizer does not seem to work with Youtube Vanced and YT Music Vanced. It detects the app but equalization is not working. I have given advanced player tracking permissions, both DUMP and Notification listener. Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Android version: 11 Poweramp equalizer build: 899-908 Vanced Youtube Music version: 4.39.50
  2. When I hit back navigation button on Now Playing, Poweramp app fully minimize and take me to my phone's homescreen. Is it possible to go back to song list when I click back navigation button? Is there any settings for this I missed? I switched to Poweramp Full Version few days back for surprisingly phenomenon audio output after using JetAudio Player for years. I still have habit to pressing back navigation button to go to songs list. Hope there is a settings to do that in Poweramp.
  3. Can we have a switch to disable/enable settings per output device? Such as enabling DVC on AUX but disabling it on Speaker output, and disabling EQ on USB DAC while having it enabled for other output devices.
  4. Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About) build-905-arm64-play [905004-5bebec0] your device model samsung galaxy a10e (SM-A102W) your Android version 10 your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM) N/A steps to reproduce fiddling with the equalizer doesn't change how the audio sounds. for example, i set the preamp to the max (12), but there was no change in volume. conversely, i also tried lowering all bands to -16, but still no audio change. sucks cuz its such a good player 😕
  5. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.equalizer Changes: new Parametric Equalizer Mode available for Premium initially empty, bands added/removed/organized by user configurable parameters allow high level of sound customization with just a few bands band parameters: type Low Pass/High Pass - passes the signal starting from the defined frequency, resonant with higher Q factor Low Shelf/High Shelf - similar to Low Pass/High Pass with a flatter frequency response Band Pass - passes the signal around user defined frequency Peaking Band - narrower version of the Band Pass channels - applies band to the left, right, or both channels gain - the amplification of the band, may be negative frequency - the center/cutoff point of the band Q - bandwidth and the resulting frequency response curve for the band bands have user configurable background color for easier identification parametric presets are separate from the graphic ones parametric mode has Auto save always enabled, changes are auto saved to the currently selected preset <Default preset> (the implicit preset which is used when no preset selected) is visible in the preset list, but can\'t be deleted/renamed new Bands Overlap option two modes: Envelope (default) and Cascade Smooth Equalizer/Tone Gains option (enabled by default) limits overload for the overlapped bands presets now always have tone (Bass/Treble) stored in them built-in presets may also have tone values - usually at 0 few tone-only presets added new Poweramp WebADB tool works in Chrome browser on PC or on other Android phone open WebADB on the other usb connected PC/Android device to unlock ADB functionality on this device with the Equalizer installed knob values can be edited via long press preset sharing/import/export via long press in preset list Presets saved/loaded in JSON format presets also can be imported by opening via file manager both Equalizer .pa-eq-preset and AutoEQ .txt files are supported AutoEQ graphic and parametric formats supported and imported to the graphic or parametric presets appropriately. Equalizer adds +6dB to AutoEQ graphic gains new Rounded option for Equalizer Screen Spectrum spectrum (bars) visualizations are rendered in higher quality (screen resolution) support for spectrum bar peaks visualization new Settings Font option new option switchers in Settings improved player detection in the Advanced Player Tracking mode bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates, huge thanks to our Crowdin translators The parametric mode will be ported to Poweramp player. Supporting Equalizer by purchasing premium supports further Poweramp player development.
  6. Develop the Poweramp Equalizer for Android TV.
  7. To enable dump permission for realme ,oppo,devices please enable ( disable system monitoring) in developer options, try it if you have faceing issue while using adb command prompt
  8. Hello and welcome! I'm looking for nice 32 Band EQ settings for some bass and clarity of Audio, but actually I'm noob at this stuff. So I think I might take that question to the forum. Screenshots are welcome too.
  9. Hey everyone! Yesterday I installed Poweramp equalizer on my phone. I think Max MP did a great job by creating and releasing a separated equalizer and it is MUCH better than the system one (I got a Samsung phone). After going to Poweramp EQ's settings I found a small window saying something about Premium version. I thought I could eventually buy it in the future. I know it might sound like a stupid question, but what exactly does that Premium offer, and is it worth purchasing? Thanks in advance and Regards! 😃
  10. I think this is the best sounding app by far on the play store. It's loud, and the equalizer is great. Rocket Player can compete, but this still wins by a landslide. I can't stand players that aren't loud, or lack good bass. Anyone know of anything similar?
  11. Hey! I knew about the bug of YouTube Music when I first tried the unreleased app through the Google Play App Store. I was instantly impressed by how good it was. It worked with every player I had on my phone (I'm a Musicolet user). Some days ago I noticed that the app started a trial phase, so okay, I bought the app, no problem. But now the app doesn't work neither for YT Music (even though the bug I know, but it worked flawlessly) or really any other player that isn't Spotify (which I don't use, I was just installing players to test what was going on). Neither the Poweramp Player works with the equalizer. It doesn't recognize any player. Last month I updated the phone from android 10 to android 11 but when I did, the app was working as expected. So, no idea what could be going on. My phone is a Xiaomi Mi A3.
  12. The Poweramp Equaliser app is designed to operate with other Android audio apps which already specifically allow external modification of their sound output - and you can see and enable those apps in the 'Known Players' list in Settings - but there are some other audio playing apps which don't indicate that they allow access to their audio output for this sort of adjustment. The following is a slightly tweaky method (which does not need root) to allow Android to override other app's output limitations and provide EQ support for most audio apps. It's a one-off task, so once it's done you shouldn't need to do it again. You will first need to connect your phone or tablet to an external computer/phone/tablet via a USB cable. For phone-to-phone connections (which don't support regular USB cables) use a USB OTG ("On The Go") cable. Once connected, the easiest method to assign the necessary permissions is to use our provided web-based tool - https://powerampapp.com/webadb - which you must access using the Chrome or Edge browser on the other device. This method doesn't require anything to be installed, you just go to the web page and follow the instructions. Note: on some phones/tablets, you may first need to go into the Android Developer Options and activate the "Disable Permission Monitoring" toggle switch. Your phone/tablet may also pop up a prompt requesting permission for the external device to connect via USB, just accept the request. You are now done with the USB cable, and you should be able to activate the actual feature on your phone/tablet via PA-EQ Settings > Equalizer > Advancer Player Tracking: Clicking on Notification Listener Permissions in the above screen will take you to the following Android screen so you can enable access for the PA-EQ app: After all that is done, play something in one of the previously-missing apps (e.g. YouTube Vanced) and you should see it as selectable in the PA-EQ Settings > Equalizer > Known Players list: If you are more technically minded, you can also do this using an command-line instruction in ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on a computer to create the necessary permissions on your phone via a USB cable connection. If you don't have ADB installed on your computer, see the instructions in https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/ . There is also a website which can generate ADB commands on a computer and send them to a connected phone via USB cable: https://webadb.com . You can even use another phone if you have a suitable OTG USB cable to connect between the two devices, using an app like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.htetznaing.adbotg to issue the ADB commands. Once ADB is ready on your computer or other external device, open a command-line window and type the following command (shown in red) to link to your USB-connected phone: C:\WINDOWS\system32> adb devices * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037 * daemon started successfully List of devices attached R58M471DJAX unauthorized C:\WINDOWS\system32> As shown by the error above, your phone may ask for permission the first time you do that: After allowing on your phone, try again: C:\WINDOWS\system32> adb devices List of devices attached R58M471DJAX device C:\WINDOWS\system32> adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.equalizer android.permission.DUMP C:\WINDOWS\system32> You are now done with the computer connection, everything else is in the phone app now. Andre
  13. Before I switched to Poweramp I used wavelet (opensource Headphone specific equalization) for better music experience. I know it decreases sound quality but It was necessary for some of my headphones to be enjoyable. I can't use wavelet whit Poweramp hifi output (Lg V20) and would like to see a Parametric Equalizer integrated in Poweramp. AutoEq is an opensource project on github. its a library of over 2000 headphones parametric Eq settings for making the sound more Harman tuned. I would like to see the preset library be implemented whit an Parametric Equalizer. Thank You in Advance! AutoEq GitHub link: https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq
  14. The current equalizer in Poweramp is awesome, and offers more band control that Google Play Music (RIP), which I switched from. However, I think it would be really cool if in the settings there were an option to enable a more advanced eq like ReaEQ or the whiteLABEL TEN:Q.
  15. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.equalizer Poweramp Equalizer is an advanced audio processing app based on Poweramp player with many features and options from the original app Admin Notes / FAQs : Poweramp Equalizer ONLY works on Android 9+ (Android 10+ recommended) as it requires features that were only recently added to Android. Support for external equaliser access needs to have already been implemented by the external audio-playing app - and even if an app supports external equalisation, it may need to be enabled within that player's settings (more info). Equalizer Engine Poweramp-based equalizer configurable number of bands: fixed 5/8/10/12/15/16/24/31/32 or custom 5-32 with configurable start/end frequencies +/-15dB powerful Bass/Treble tone controls preamp built-in and user-defined presets presets can be assigned per specific device preset autosaving limiter and compressor balance Poweramp DVC mode for the highest possible equalization range and non-DVC mode supported globally and per player app most 3rd party player/streaming apps supported In some cases, equalizer should be enabled in the player app settings UI: Poweramp-based UI visualizations .milk presets and spectrums are supported Poweramp 3rd party preset packs are supported too configurable notifications Poweramp 3rd party skins are supported configurable Light and Dark skins included Utilities: auto-resume on headset/Bluetooth connection volume keys controlled resume/pause/track change Track change requires extra permission Known issues: on Samsungs, Hi-Res track playback (for example in Samsung Player) can't be detected, causing bands frequency shift YouTube Music is currently buggy with equalizer audio sessions, some workaround may be possible with "Don't play music videos" option
  16. A while back there were some talks about an Alpha coming this summer but I'm guessing that was delayed? Or maybe I missed the announcement. Either way, really looking forward to it. I and probably others too would love to know more about it if possible.
  17. I apologize if this question has already been asked: is the implementation of a parametric equalizer planned?
  18. I think everyone knows one of the best features of Poweramp is his equalizer. By any chance has a possibility to Poweramp become a android equalizer? With a add-on or a standalone app or it would be unfeasable/unlikely? Thank you for your attention.
  19. I really need the Poweramp Equalizer to work with Spotify or YouTube and Video Playback, because Equalizer app on out there not work full, just add some effect, not have deep bass effect or treble adjustment
  20. @maxmpI think there's a bug with the way Poweramp handles saving the eq presets per bluetooth device. Sometimes when i connect a device it shows the previous one and eq. and when switching the eq setting to the one i need then when the next song comes it switches back to the previous one again. sometimes if i turn on my headphones and back on then it will show up as the correct device. yesterday i had the speaker listed in there twice for the eq setting/device!!!! once was checked and the other was unchecked. I've been noticing these issues for the last few days. I hope there's a fix. either Poweramp is reading the wrong BT device or android is not consistent on what it's reporting.
  21. I like to set specific preset EQ settings to almost every music album/folder I listen. So I would like to be enabled to do that more quickly, in the way that when I set EQ and apply it to a specific album/folder/song, that I don't have to give it appropriate name and lose time on that. (Time consuming because that name should be long enough to ensure that it is different from all other presets.) I want to simply press 'save' without typing the name. Poweramp should be able to automaticaly give the generic name - for example the full name of that folder/album/song which I already marked anyway. Please make it possible. :-)
  22. Hiii Guys... Please Request For : Invisibility Visualization In The Visualizer Equalizer Button & Displaying Several Repeat Option Buttons & So On In The Notification UI Section ... 😁🙏☺ https://www.dropbox.com/s/40mo4vjog46ckyt/SAVE_20190815_035748.jpg?dl=0
  23. Hi! Im new to this forum. I'm using this player since 2012 and i would describe it with one word "Perfect"! I always wanted to enjoy my music with some equalizer settings. And the i found Poweramp. Literally the best player-equalizer on the market for phones. My request is: i would like to have Poweramp's equalizer to the whole phone. With every other app. you could create a service in background and letting us have the choice when we want to enable the equalizer on other apps. That's the first part. When or If you make that happen, the next part would be to enable the EQ to specific apps. Thank you for your time and for providing us Poweramp, the best player.
  24. Currently the limiter only limits if and when the final output to the DAC exceeds the maximum allowed value. It generally doesn't prevent distortion arising from preamp and equalizer. See the discussions here : I propose to change this : The limiter should take action when the output of the DSP exceeds the maximum value, thereby effectively preventing distortions, and that then wouldn't depend on the volume level.
  25. Hey i run into a wired issue... I use Poweramp full version since i had my HTC one m7 until now...Best sound ever when listening to Hardstyle/Hardcore techno from Q-dance etc. use as always "techno" equalizer and then bass to 50-60% with extreme bass i ear headphones. and "Tone button and limited are on . al sounds as is should..now ....i got new htc u12+ with HTC usb-c headphones. Now when i play the same mp3 files in highest qvality as before and same settings it does not sound clean at all... When a light high noize/voice is played in the song the headphone does make microseconds long explotion sounds like hearing a firework rocket explode ....This does not happend when not using USB-C headphones....i tried all i know and found out that when i in the Equalizer go to "4k" slider and increase db to max this sound gets so extreme that it sounds like home recorded high sound indoor techno party where the bass does consume all focus and does scratch all sound...but when i turn 4k slider to the bottom - it dissappears but not 100% yet...... Can someone tell me why 4k slider on USB-C headphones does making pfffft explotion noize when on jack 3.5 mm does not??? and what can be the reason for thaT? is it hardware failure or software? maybe firmware??? help this does sometime still make some music tracks no able to enyoj for listening at all tryed to record mp3 with computer mic but was hard to record soz....but half ways in the mp3 when he starts singing/shouting.....it normaly does not sound like he yells 200% volume but no i can hear that with on normal jack stick clean Unfddtitled.mp3
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