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Found 113 results

  1. I've just purchased Poweramp and it's great so far, but I've run into a (cosmetic) problem with the cover art for one album in particular. This one album has different embedded album art for each individual track, which Poweramp actually displayed, unlike PlayerPro. However, I was playing with the option to download different album art (long press on the art in the player UI) and selected a different cover; of course it applied that particular cover to every track in the album, but it appears that I don't have the option to revert back to the embedded artwork for each individual track. I can view the specific track's embedded art through the selector, but if I select it, it's again applied to every track in the album. I've tried deselecting the options to prefer downloaded and in-folder images, and have cleared the album art cache, i've even tried to uninstall/reinstall the app, all to no avail. Any ideas? Cheers.
  2. Good day and thank you for your great app! One thing I would like to see is an option to not have the album art glow that is trying to mirror the album art's colour (with varying results). I just want the plain theme background or black. Please add this! Thank you in advance Gempressaren
  3. Hi is there anyway that i can change the default album art? Have been searching for the images but cant seem to find it. Help pls.
  4. Hello all, I am using the Poweramp trial version on the recommendation of a friend that it is the best music player on the android market. I like a lot of the features, but one thing I cannot fix is the album art that is displayed when viewing albums. Many many albums all display the same album art (like a default option, actually Yellowcard album). Yet, if I navigate into that album and play a song from that album, it will display the correct album art. But then if I back out to the album view, it once again displays the "default" album art cover. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried removing my music, enabling "download album art", clearing the existing art covers, etc. I am at a loss and frustrated... please help Here is a screenshot of the problem. You see, the album, "The Boats and The Birds" has the "default" album art and then when I play a song from that album it displays correctly. http://imgur.com/a/bFOlh#0 http://imgur.com/a/bFOlh#1
  5. Hey all... I am using windows media player to sync my Android phone. Everything but the album art gets transferred without any problems.... since I don't have WiFi in my place, I just copied the album art (albumartlarge.jpg and folder.jpg) files to each folder. I also made sure that the attributes are removed so that the files are not hidden. Only about 1/4 of the album art actually shows up. I have tried dumping the cache and doing a full re-scan, but it doesn't change a thing. Any suggestions? Thanks :~)
  6. Hi, Poweramp is great app, but I have one question. Is it possible to add option for disable color backgroud or add automatic height of button panel, because it doing ugly spaces. Image below will help you to get understand. Thank you. PS:I can translate Poweramp to czech.
  7. More often than not there are noticeable resizing artifacts on the album art displayed in the Player screen. It'd be nice if it had a smoother, "properly resized" look. Other than that, I'm absolutely loving Poweramp!
  8. Love, love love Power Amp. With that out of the way I have to say that I really like using my car dock and nothing more would make listening to my music on with Power Amp better than a dancing equalizer visualization. It would go along with your music and It would make a really great feature that would make the separation from the competitors even further than it already is. It could be an option instead of album art or maybe it can be transparent over the album art (Idk). It could be a paid feature that I think a lot of people would buy. Especially if they use their car docks.
  9. Hi, I am thankful to the devs for the 1.99 sale for Poweramp. It was an excellent price for the app and Poweramp is the only app which works flawlessly on my Atrix 4g on which any music player is supercrappy. This is my first purchase on android market and I am happy. A few feature requests for further versions: 1. Album art browser similar to Playerpro...only better...This will help in finding images for songs for which no images are found through ID3 tags e.g. old folk songs etc. 2. Need more themes than the default 4 available. Dear devs, do consider these requests as I found many similar echoing on the android market as well. Thanks You rock \m/
  10. Theese are my Ideas: - I alaways get problems with album art, it would be great if it had more options like album art browser, option to start downloading now, manually options. - Other thing I would like is the Bass booster highliting more the bass guitar than the kick bass. Like playerpro and default android player - Last one: 15 Channels EQ, better equalizing with more options. Thanks for the attention!
  11. I've seen the playerpro music player today, and the "vignette"(don't know the translation in english) is very plaisant. It show something like a little more than 4 big album art, scrollable, with text on it. Very beautiful. have a look: http://i64.servimg.com/u/f64/13/84/98/84/music_11.jpg
  12. It would be nice to be able to change Album Art while scrolling through the Albums list from within the Library. As far as I know, the only time to change it is via the Player on the current song.
  13. Hi! I don't know if there has been any request similar to this! I would love have an option that allow user to embed/integrate the album art into the mp3 file itself since the app has already been able to write tags. I really like the album-art-grabbing feature from Poweramp which provides accurate result. Another request: For the music files without album art, Poweramp automatically display the one inside the folder which is wrong and I have to manually select "no album art", is there anyway to get around this? Thank you very much!
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