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Found 113 results

  1. I think it would be nice if the album art for each song were displayed next to its name when browsing MP3 files in folder view. This helps me find songs more quickly.
  2. I noticed that when you select a high res cover, it is stored under the selected_aa folder with a name composed by the track artist and the album title, This is wrong, because in compilation albums each song has a different track artist. It should be stored based on the album artist instead of the track artist so it is consistent for all songs. And on those compilation albums, the app does not find the downloaded cover to display, my guess is that it is related to this issue, because it would not know which is the correct name of the cover file in selected_aa. Runing on Samsumg SII, with cyanogenmod android v4.4.4
  3. Right now the way to change the album art is to play it and long tap on the cover, this allows you to download hig res covers which are stored then in the app selected_aa folder. After downloading a lot of covers this way I am getting tired of having to play the album to get to this function. It would be nice to have a way to manage the album art from the album list or library grid views, maybe also by long tapping on the album entry. When I say manage I mean I want these functions to be available: Download high res cover (which is what we have now)Download cover from a specific, user input, URLTransfer the downloaded cover to the album folder (and remove it from selected_aa)Reset cover to folder artRescan album art (sometimes I've seen album art not displayed even if there is art in the folderSome of these I would love to have them also in bulk for all albums (like the rescan and the transfer)
  4. The rating we make on songs they are not permanent once we reinstall Poweramp all the ratings are gone..and the same thing happens with album art....these things should be emebedded in the mp3 files itself, just like in windows
  5. I owe a humungous thankyou to the guy who posted this comment: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3256-how-to-change-default-album-art/?p=16057 I must admit, I LOVED the ³ app for playing music but it always annoyed me that it didn't have the option to play by folder Discovered Poweramp has that option so downloaded the trial and then payed for it. THEN I discovered it kept giving me the wrong Album art, which annoyed me no end cos at least in my old player I could CHOOSE, so I spent most of today googling and trying all kindsa weird things to sort it out and finally stumbled across the link above. I downloaded Mp3tag on my PC and embedded my chosen album art into my MP3 files and then RE-transferred them to my phone Now it works like a dream Thank you very much Willem
  6. I wanted the "album art" form show up individually as it is saved in the tag song within the album folder. I really like albums art custom (some i do). And wanted the Poweramp with this function. I have an image in more detail to show an example of the problem I have without this function: (http://zip.net/btp1RZ) I personally appreciate the developer adding this option. Detail: The covers of music are stored inside mp3 files. I really wanted my idea in development in the application. Or least be considered useful or not for the application. Thanks!!
  7. Hey, I just got this player and so far I'm loving it. The only thing I can see that it's missing is that when browsing the Library by Artist, no album artwork is displayed; just a generic icon. This seems a little odd, given how common this feature is in other media players, to the point where I'm wondering if this is a bug? If not could you consider adding this? Thanks for the great music player!
  8. Apparently Poweramp used fixed number of rows in grid mode. While this is looked okay in phones, this is a realy big waste of screen when used in tablet. To illustrate my point, here is a screenshot of Poweramp in my tablet (Xiaomi Mipad, 4:3 1536x2048) It would be nice if this behavior is changed in tablet. You can also make user to be able to control the number of rows used in grid mode.
  9. Hi, Does anybody have any tips or tricks to getting cuesheets to display a thumbnail in the Folder view? I have Folder.jpg image files in each folder along with the *.cue file and the *.mp3, and have also tried Cover.jpg and AlbumArt.jpg filenames for the image. The image is picked up fine by the main player screen, but is not used in the folder listing. Normal albums (folders containing *.mp3 files & a Folder.jpg) display a thumbnail as I would expect. The end result is quite untidy - some folders have thumbnails, some don't. I'm positive this used to work in an older version of Poweramp. I'm currently using version 2.0.10-build-571-play (Full Version) of Poweramp on Android 4.4.4 on a HTC Desire Eye.
  10. Hi I can see the album art when playing the song, ie album art is the largest size, but when I am in any other area the album for this particular CD isn't displaying and I am not sure why Any suggestions? Cheers =)
  11. After ade a new song with an intrgrated album art in my library every song that i had already add before gave the same album art of the last added song integrated. Last, if i open propreties of any song using root explorer, none have integrated album art
  12. I'm the kind of guy that likes to have all the album art for every song. I have the album art downloaded and in my gallery. Whenever I click pick from gallery it sends me to my gallery, as it should. Then I click the correct picture and it just sends me back to the find album art without actually showing up the album art that I selected. I'm using a Moto G running KitKat 4.4.3. Is there a way that I can fix this problem?
  13. Not sure if this is done already, but details in the tag says no embedded album art. Would be great if the existing search album art functionality can also embedd album art in the tags. Also for Full Screen album art in landscape mode would look awesome, with overlapping controls
  14. Hello, So here is what happens: Embedded cover doesn't show up in folder view: Click to seePoweramp can show it when playing a track from the album that didn't display cover in folder view: Click to seeIn collection view > Albums Poweramp has no problems showing the covers for all my albums: Click to see Poweramp version 2.0.9 build 558 Google play full version on Sony Xperia Z Ultra running Android 4.2.2
  15. The album art on the main player window occupies a large area of the screen on large displays. The album art could move to the top left side and get even bigger freeing a large space on the right side for a full list of tracks in an album. Even under the album art there could be the album artist, title, release year and genre. At present, the album art is in the top center of the screen with the area surrounding its sides being completely vacant. This area could be used to add a lot of flavor to the aesthetics of the player. But care must be taken not to turn the player's main window into a Mumbai bazaar! I have even created a graphical image to illustrate what I suggest it should look like but I can't attach files to this post.
  16. Hi, I'm using the full version of Poweramp for a while but since few months some of my album arts aren't shown in the player. Some of them are totally not shown in the album explorer but some of them are just not shown when playing the album. I'm running the full version 2.0.9-build-556-play with a Galaxy Note II (GT-N7105) on Android 4.3. Could you help me?
  17. http://imgur.com/UogvCF9 It would be really appreciated if we could make the album art fit to our lockscreen. Or maybe an square option for the top of the screen, having the bottom part covered by the keyboard? Otherwise password users only get to see a blurry cut-out.
  18. when i long press a song in an album to change the album art, it just changes the art for the song i a listening, i know it wasn´t this way before and it´s really annoying.
  19. On all of my songs I take out the album name so that PA will search for the album art for that individual track. However, For the song Oh(feat. Ludacris) by Ciara it will not search for Album Art at all, no matter how I have the info/tags set up. It auto populates a cover image(the purple version of the Ciara Fantasy cover) but that image is not embedded so I don't know where it's coming from and it's a very low quality, grainy image. When I long-press on the album cover the pop-up screen appears for searching for other album art, but it doesn't bring anything up. With other less conspicuous tracks I've seen it search(the loading circle spins for a while) and return no results, but with this song in particular it will not even bring up the loading circle.
  20. A lot of songs I have didn't have a tag with an album name. So I gave them all an album name: 'classic'. In my list of albums I now see all my albumnames, including the albumname 'classic'. However in that list the 'classic' album has a picture/albumart. But I can't change that picture/albumart into another picture/albumart. When I open that album all the songs in that album have all the same picture/albumart which however is another albumart then shown in the albumlist. I can change the albumart of each song in the album if I want to but not the albumart of the album itself How can I solve the problem?
  21. App works great with my brand new Pioneer receiver (car) and Galaxy S III running stock Android 4.2.1. Just wish the Album Art would be coming over to appear on my receiver. Please add this to a future build - I'd be grateful! I happily pay for this great app.
  22. Hi guys, I like Poweramp a lot, but I'm wondering if I can make the album art fill up the screen, so that the gap around the album art gets eliminated. If the gap is gone, it would look like this screenshot from PlayerPro. Is there any way, such as options or skins, to enlarge the album art on the player? I'll appreciate your help. Regards, softcotton24
  23. It would be nice if we had the ability to show album art next to songs in the "all songs" view, at least as an option. It is a lot easier for people to search by image than text.
  24. Most of my music doesn't have album art (in many cases, it's not possible to find it online, and anyway, I've never personally really cared much for that feature). What I do have is a lot of metadata. So...there's a great big space taking up the majority of my "now playing" screen that just says "Poweramp". My wish is for a setting that says: Option 1: don't use album art : - make the transport controls bigger - show much more information about the track metadata (*) - toggle to swap this metadata display with the current playlist (and position of current track within it.) Option 2: if album art is on, but none can be found for this file, either: - display a default picture (user can select one, or perhaps a nice "music icon" ) - display a random photo from gallery app. (*) The current "info/tags" screen shows the sort of thing I mean, but it should be much better formatted so as to fit into the space available. Compared to the current Info/tags screen, I'd change this by: moving the filename to the bottom (and much smaller), Hide the "album art: No embedded album art" section. Thanks very much.
  25. I purchased today the full version and my question is : Is it possible to manually change the image of a folder ? As i noticed the folders take the last updated album art.Can i choose a specific album art to be the default image of a folder?
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