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  1. for anyone stumbling on this, some albums had big covers (10Mb to 20Mb) which made the scan impossible. Replacing the covers solved the issue.
  2. Hi Andre, thank you for your reply The initial "Scanning Folders" stage finishes quite fast, it really hangs at some point in the "Scanning Library" stage. I'm attaching a log I took this morning, would this be of any help? I converted my FLAC library to Opus instead of Vorbis, and I'm seeing the exact same behavior. Would there be a way to know if/which files makes Poweramp hang? What is strange is that I scanned individually every folder (25 I think), and the scan finishes for everyone of them, albeit some are slower to scan than others. I'm guessing if the problem would be with the files, smaller scans would still be an issue? Poweramp.log
  3. build version: 911 device: Pixel 4 XL Android version: Android 11 ROM: CalyxOS steps to reproduce: add ogg vorbis files to Music folder > Open Poweramp > Full rescan Issue: the full rescan never stops. I let it run for 12 hours on around 10,000 tracks, and at some point the number just stops increasing. The scan can finish within minutes if my library is converted to MP3 V0. I tried downgrading Poweramp version, clearing data/cache, but I have the same issue. I've had a big vorbis library on the same phone/os in the past and didn't have any issue. Is there any way I could troubleshoot the issue further? Thanks!
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