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  1. OK I will pick the images with PA and then backup the "files" folder (Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files) On a new installation I could replace the files folder with the one I backed up. Is that correct? I can do that with X-plore file manager. Is there a recommended backup app that can do that? If I go to settings/album art/delete cache will I lose all my images? What is the purpose of this function?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply Andre. The accuracy of the album cover is not crucial to me. I prefer a hi res photo of the artist. Is there a recommended tag editor app or program that can automatically replace the embedded file with a hi res image? I use musicbee on win 7. Poweramp is on my Galaxy A52. Is it true when I manually select an image in Poweramp it will remember to use it until I delete the cache? If so I need to backup those settings. Is there a detailed PA settings guide available?
  3. ver build-911 I have "download album art" and "Hi Res" enabled. I can select a hi res pic for each song or album. Is there a way to force Poweramp to ignore embedded file and automatically use a downloaded hi res image. I have 2 thousand albums a daunting task to select manually.
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