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  1. Ok I hear Ya. Thanks for at least acknowledging me. I was just thinking if it's available in AA it shouldn't be hard to implement but I have no clue how to program so what do I actually know Thanks again
  2. Mine works fine Ok but I assume a year and a half later on that thread and the app was last updated in August, you aren't doing it
  3. That's only next track. Yea it's available cause it's in the android auto section, it just needs to be in the app itself so the random is already determined. It's not an odd ask almost every other music app has it too
  4. No I want to see the list of what's up next
  5. Any chance we can view the now playing list like you can in android auto in the app? I know the long way to do it (queue the playlist> manually shuffle the list> play from the top but like I said it's a long way to an option that exists already since it's available in android auto. Sorry if there is a setting to do it I missed. Thanks
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