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  1. Thank you for the suggestion (just seeing it now because notifications don't seem to be working). Your idea would work well if I interacted with Poweramp for playback. Unfortunately, I do not. I listen in the car. When the car is off, playback is paused, when the car is on, playback starts up again. (also via steering wheel controls for play/pause). Having a setting that when PLAY restarts, it starts up again 3-5 seconds prior to the previous pause point would be ideal.
  2. If this is a feature that I have missed, please point me in the correct directions. Thanks. I would like the option that upon pressing PLAY on a previously paused track, playback would start several seconds prior to where it was paused. (for me, 3 - 5 seconds would probably work). I am typically listening to podcasts, and having playback start 3-5 seconds prior to where it was paused would help me recall what is being talked about.
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