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  1. Same Poweramp build as above New phone, new OS. Pixel 5A Android 12 This settings corruption (?) issue happens quite often with this setup. Almost daily, without even doing anything inside the app. Just using the phone. For example: Things are displaying properly, restart the phone, now I get the issue. Go into the supermarket and use Google Keep Notes for my grocery list, come back to the car and find that I have the issue again... I did use this phone for a couple of weeks using Android 11 before 12 was released, and the problem only happened when I was manipulating things within the app as mentioned previously. Android 12 has significantly worsened the issue and now somehow, actions outside the app can cause the issue. I've done testing with quite a few other music players (Foobar2000, AIMP, Neutron, N7, Black Player, OTO Music, Rocket, Musicolet, etc...) to see if it has something to do with the head unit in my car when this issue is occuring with Poweramp, but none of the other players have issues displaying the data properly. I can always restore the 'good' settings to fix it, but I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with the app these days. Any ideas what's going on here, @maxmp?
  2. 10-17-21-2-41-PM.Poweramp-settings10-19-21-7-44-AM.Poweramp-settings OK, I was able to replicate the issue, and have two settings file backups. Any time I restore the 10-19-21 file, this will cause the issue, but restoring the earlier 10-17-21 settings file corrects the issue.
  3. That's a great idea, but unfortunately I deleted it so I wouldn't restore it by mistake. If it happens again, I'll definitely test that and upload the file. Thanks for the advice!
  4. The problem came back after adding some new music to my phone, triggering a manual library scan, then adding all songs to a playlist and shuffling that playlist. This was all I did. I didn't change any settings. This issue appears to be intermittent, because I've done this exact thing many times without having the problem reoccur. This time I couldn't fix the problem just by clearing the app cache. I had to clear the app storage and reconfigure Poweramp. I did export my settings before clearing the storage, but importing those settings apparently just imported the problem back into Poweramp because the issue was still there. Manually reconfiguring did work though. Very strange little gremlin!
  5. I actually fixed it by clearing the app cache! Strange...
  6. I remember that setting as well, which is why I was wondering if I didn't have something configured properly. I thought maybe I just couldn't find the setting. Unfortunately I don't have another bluetooth device that can display this tag info to test with. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Poweramp build-911-arm64 Pixel 3a XL Android 11 On the receiver in my car, the album title is being listed after the artist name in the artist field (ie: artist name album title) and the album title field is empty. During troubleshooting, I've tested several different players, (Foobar2000, Onkyo HF player, Rocket Player, N7, Neutron Player, Black Player, Jet Audio, Musicolet, AIMP...) all of which display the tags in the proper fields which would indicate there is no inherent issue with my receiver displaying the tags correctly. I'm not sure if this is a bug in Poweramp or if I've configured something incorrectly in the settings.
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