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  1. I have searched the threads and found some of your basic responses to streaming radio (Pandora, Grooveshark, Slacker, etc...) integration. Since most of these services already provide desktop clients, some even provide mobile clients, they must already provide APIs for their streaming web services. Do you know if any of those providers are willing to work with you on allowing Poweramp to connect via their API to their services? I would imagine that in order to be financially viable those services would only allow access through a 3rd party app (such as PA) for paid subscribers. From the PA side of the equation has there been any research or plans for such integration? I would think that Grooveshark would be a great partnership with PA, and I know that it would bring more paid users to both parties.
  2. Actually an iTunes Genius-like smart playlist is also something that i am wondering about. I have roughly 2,000 songs on my android device (and a whole lot more on my personal computer... i collect music). One of the features that i love in iTunes is the ability to select a song and the application automatically generates a playlist from within my own library of music that "goes well" or is acoustically similar to the song i chose. There is only one android media player that i have found that has this feature. As of right now i open the other app, select a song, let the app create a playlist, close that app, then open Poweramp and access the playlist from there. yes, it works, but i hate having two media players to accomplish this. Poweramp is far superior in every other aspect, and i am sure its going to be the first purchased app on my android device, but if i had a wishlist for the Poweramp Santa it would be for my very own smart auto generating playlist function. until then i will make due with my two-app solution.
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