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  1. Motely, I can send other pubmed studies with larger sample sizes etc used however that will just be another deep spiraling discussion. Nevertheless, fair points from both of you lads. It was worth a crack and then some. But it is fruitful to know even from a technical perspective that as it was mentioned not to be fact but personal opinion, that it could be implemented in the various ways that was explained. This was an eye opening exchange and I am grateful for your time spent answering this "low hanging fruit" request. Like all mature firms, It will be interesting to see the major projects Poweramp takes on to fend off its declining growth. Best, Elon
  2. I tried to do an isolated evaluation of the apps that provide the frequency change feature only or at least 2 more other features which cut my 20 million download estimate by half to 10.578 million + ads and 5000 downloads of the total are pro users ($9.99 USD) on android only platform. With tidal wave music, 432 player/pro, and music equalizer hertz frequency applications taking the lead. Valuating the companies that run these applications was pointless because they make other apps and most are private. Now Poweramp adds this "low hanging fruit" feature which wouldnt be "technically difficult" with a conservative estimate of the half of the above downloads (5 million new users) and half (5k) new added pro users (2.5k x $4.99 = $12,475 revenue) to Poweramp. Not sure if you have ads running on the free version for the newly added 5 million users (added revenue) as I bought the pro version before even checking the free version. Of course, this is merely rough estimates and in essence can be comparing apples to oranges with many other factors not accounted for. But all that for a not so technically difficult added feature. The effort to growth/profit ratio does not look bad at all.
  3. That gives me hope. Thank you MotleyG and Andrewilly. Will continue to support the cause. And forgive my insolent approach to this request. Have a good weekend.
  4. Its more about the choice because "personally" all frequencies sound wonderful then seeing these other apps take exponential flight just by offering that choice is just bland for Poweramp. Either way, the request has been made. Thank you for reading. And to your "432 hz psycho babble", cite scientific papers instead of news articles next time. Its 2021 mate. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7213780/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31031095/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31879635/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8023109/
  5. How many years has it been since its been requested to allow a simple hz change feature to be added. Now you have these generic apps that only provide that one feature (or more) with a download rate total of over 20 million and growing (oppotunity cost). Of course, there is difference between download rate and use rate but the same argument could be used against you. You want customers to listen to the artists music as faithful as possible? Who do you serve then? The artists that make music or the people that pay for your app to listen to music. Only one of the two put food on your table. Just add the ability to allow customers to be able to change frequencies (415, 420, 432, 440, 452) of the music they listen to already. Its been 7ish years since the first request for ___ sakes. sincerely, paid user for 5 years.
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