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  1. Thanks @MotleyG & @andrewilley. TagScanner seems to provide a better interface for editing those tags. I should be good there, though it may take a few days of fixing that for all my albums. As for the AlbumArtist problem, I looked into "duplicate tags" and in my source flac files (the files that I converted to m4a before dragging the m4a onto my phone), they do seem to have a duplicate AlbumArtist tag. One being "AlbumArtist", and the other being "Album Artist". It seems converting to m4a, the duplicate tag was chosen rather than the one I was seeing in mp3tag. Which should I delete? The one with the space or the one without? Does it matter? Thanks for the help so far.
  2. I have attached a screenshot showing what I see in Poweramp as well as another screenshot for what the track shows in mp3tag. I have seen other people do that, but I would prefer to have the album under one title. I have another pressing issue though. Is it possible for Poweramp to change my audio tags? After doing the full rescan, I notice that many of my albums have had the artist tag prepended to the album artist tag (when the album artist differed from the artist tag). For example, if the album artist tag was "Yoko Kanno", and the artist tag was "Steve Conte", the album artist is now "Steve Conte\\Yoko Kanno". This is causing what should be one album to appear as several albums as they have different album artist tags and is messing up my phone music library. It didn't do this for all albums though, I'm not sure of the total extent of the issue yet, but it's looking like a lot of work to go through and fix. I would like to know if (and how) I can avoid this issue in the future.
  3. Now I'm just confused. I'm having a similar issue. I did the full rescan, but tracks that I have tagged as Discnumber: "2/2" are being shown in Poweramp as Disc 1. Have no idea what could be going on. Both discs are in separate folders. The files are AAC.
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