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  1. Not having succeeded in making a scan of my mp3, I tried to root myself in admin in order to access the FIIO log blocked by the manufacturer with a custom firmware without result because not operational. As this firmware installed Google play, I tried to install PA version 2 but it led to an error message on my first license as I had used the maximum number of records with this license and that it was no longer valid. Seriously. I was told about another player, Foobar2000. It came to all scan, good and very simple. It allowed me among other things to get an error log on the files not taken into account or corrupted. I deleted them and tried to reinstall PA version 3 to see if it solved the scanning problem. Still the same problem. In the meantime, I found another player: Musicolet and I'm impressed because it scanned my 16000 songs with tags very fast, I could edit my tags from the app. It has customizable equalizers depending on the bluetooth device and so officially I leave Poweramp which has a problem with the pre-scan and the scan. Thank you all for your help. Too bad because this player is very ergonomic
  2. in fact I have deactivated all the screen saver, shutdown, sleep mode. On the FIIO except a file explorer, radio and PA, there is nothing else
  3. I have already done this. With no result. However, I noticed that no matter what I do the scan blocks at more than 4016 songs.
  4. Hello, In fact I have already tried to put the files in the root and it did not work. What makes me say that it comes from PA is also the fact that the complete scan works perfectly with the home application of FIIO: FIIO Music (so the files are not corrupted). Indeed, for the moment, I managed to recover all but it deserves to be reported to PA developers. I retry a second scan including more files to see how far I can go in size without that bug.
  5. Hello@andrewilley , Latest news, I created folders for each alphabetical letter from A to Z and a folder for the numeric. I started by resetting the scan and then re-scanning the whole thing starting with the letter A to G, then G to M, then O to R, then S to U, then V to Y, then Y to Z By doing this method I managed to scan everything and the tags were recognized. If you think about it, it seems logical. I filled this card as I went along and each time I entered new music in small quantities it only scanned the new files, I never had to scan the whole card which explains this. The problem seems to come from PA who doesn't appreciate having to scan a large number of files at once.
  6. @andrewilley In fact, I have neither updated the firmware, nor changed the version of PA. One day, I did the transfer via my mac with the Android transfer application and I renamed a folder on the fly. PA had probably started scanning (I think) and, seeing that the file was not taken into account, I did a complete rescan and it started to fail. The FIIO M7 does not have WIFI and is not connected to the internet, no update could have been done. Yes, I tried and it works with the 256GB SDHC on folders containing MP3 albums independently. However, when in this configuration, I check all the folders, it does not work. On the other hand, on the 64GB SDHC card, I put all the albums in a music folder, I scan music and it goes.
  7. @andrewilley Hello, yes that's right I buy new sdhc card and i have same problem but with 64gb sdhc card it's works folder structure and folder into collection don't work Strangely, when I use the FFIO MUSIC application provided by FFIO for their android player, the 256GB SDHC cards are detected.
  8. Hello, I have same problem with FIIO M7. I try: - with new SDHC card with extFAT format. - with old Poweramp version. No way. I don't understand, before Poweramp install, i process to factory reset. I always process like this. The result is no artist, no album, no folder. I can see my song only in "New import file", that's all. At the end, i reinstall FIIO music apk and it's works.
  9. For information, i'm a lot of problem with activation of my FIIO M7 (APM response with good email and ID order) and i resolve it with: set time and date of the day find internet connection with bluetooth share connection I retry and it's OK for me. Message for Poweramp, i forget and i rebuy new licence. If it's possible to refunded me. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hello I meet some problems for activate a FIIO M7 without wifi (i use bluetooth sharing connection) and i resolve problem with: - my FIIO with new install use wrong date and hour. I change it. - i modify kernel right into setting/general/About... and 7 times press kernel version and after that, i transfert apk file through "Android file transfert" My firmware is 1.0.8 And Poweramp version is "build-905 uni" I retry activation with "already buy" button and all is done.
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