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  1. Yes, I also have this problem on my Samsung N7000 with ICS4.0.4 stock ROM with the full version of Poweramp, and it is ANNOYING to say the least. I have sent a bug report about it but received no response.
  2. I want the Poweramp app to remember the last song played when swapping between playlists. So when I switch to another playlist I want it to resume playback from the last played song and not start at song number 1 as it currently does. I basically want the same functionality the Adobe pdf reader app has when managing pdf documents. It keeps track of which page was the last read on each and every pdf and goes to that page whenever you open the pdf and not page 1. My playlists are getting long and it is a huge nuisance to have to listen to the first few songs when swapping between them. Moreover, one playlist may be the chapters of an audio book, then it makes even more sense to be sure to continue from where it was last time.
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