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  1. I would like to request this feature in Poweramp since almost every other android music player out there has it, and it is a must, since many people like to listen to a wider sound when they listen to music. There should be a poll on how many people use the stereo-x feature, since I persoanlly find it useless compared to a good virtualizer. I have to use third party virtualizers for the desired effect, and thus, I need to untick "direct volume control" in Poweramp options for the external virtualizer to work properly, making music sound much worse. Please, include a virtualizer (stereo separation) in Poweramp. Thanks in advance. PD: The equalizer is awesome, but I'd like it to have numbers so I can see how many db I'm pushing the equalizer bands.
  2. NO SIR, that's not the same thing. See, replay gain only does one of two things: 1) it boosts db for all songs equally (obviously not producing the desired effect), or 2) it reads the ID3 tag to find a replay gain db refference. Problem with "2)" is that for it you need to first write the tags to the music IN YOUR COMPUTER, WITH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE, be it Foobar or Mp3gain, or other software. For the common user, this proccess can be confusing, and we all know common people like simple things, so that's why I ask this to be a feature in Poweramp. AGC could perfectly do the same as replay gain, but AGC is automatic (maybe it's an automatic replay gain detector for songs?). So if Poweramp could detect the desired replay gain, and aply it to the file tag, then using replay gain would be the same as AGC. So, in other words, AGC does more than replay gain itself.
  3. AGC (automatic gain control) is a method used to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks. We all have songs that sound too loud, or too soft, but with automatic gain control, all songs could sound at the same volume. It is not like compression, since it scans the input gain in the file, and then adjusts the output gain to match the required preferences. What compression does is to try to mantain the song in certain db level at all times, which causes some minor problems with songs with both soft and loud parts. I saw the other thread about compression, and also saw how admins refused to implement compression due to some problems, including the one I mentioned. So, this is what I say. Implement AGC in Poweramp. There's another music player in the android market which does have this feature already (as seen in this screenshot), but Poweramp is way too cool compared to that music player (which also has virtualization, unlike Poweramp). I say this because I've tested it myself, and with AGC, I never had to worry about adjusting volume for one song and adjusting it again for another song ever ever again. Thanks in advance.
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