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  1. In keeping a close eye on my scrobble list, I've found that this incorrect scrobbling occurs when one of two things happens: 1. I plug in headphones after previously unplugging them during play. 2. When a list ends. Usually, it will consistently pick a song from a different folder. For instance, if I unplug and plug in my headphones multiple times during the course of an album, if will scrobble songs from another album one by one. The album it incorrectly scrobbles from appears to be random. I should note that it does not always happen when one of the two above events occurs, but these appear to be the only events that cause this to happen.
  2. I should note, too, that this started right about a month ago. It looks like I updated to the newest version right around this time, so that could be related.
  3. I've noticed that I am getting random songs scrobbled that I've not actually listened to. These are songs that are in my library, but not one that was actually played by Poweramp. I've noticed a tendency for this to happen when I unplug headphones from my phone, but it seems to happen at any give time (like in the middle of listening to an album). I do not have random play turned on, and I have turned off the icons to avoid accidentally starting random play, but this does not help. I have tried switching between the official last.fm application and the simple last.fm scrobbler, which does not help, either. I believe the issue is with Poweramp. Anyone else have this problem? Using HTC Inspire with Android 2.3.5. Poweramp version 2.0.7-build-513 full version.