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  1. ^which app are you using, this is quite annoying, and I feel Telus won't be updating my phone with Jellybean for a little while still
  2. I have the same issue (samsung galaxy s2x and 2012 mazda3). It seemed to work fine for awhile (ie April) the music would start playing when I got in the car. I got ice cream sandwhich for my phone and the song would come on, play for a second, go quite then start playing when i got in. I thought this was strange but it kept working. It might have been after a Poweramp update a little while ago (a few months maybe?) when it wouldn't start at all when it connected. it says pause on the screen media screen in the car. if I hit play, it sometimes starts playing again, but starts the track over at the beginning instead of continuing! once i finally get the music playing (sometimes it takes a few attempts at hitting 'play') it pauses when I skip to the next song. it used to stream seamlessly into the next one, but now it just cuts off. Please get this fixed! thanks!
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