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  1. Tested the no-google-services version today as well, but still had the high cpu usage happen again. It was 8-15% instead of 15-30% tho, but that might have been a fluke. Also tried disabling album download and block internet access, but I haven't had a lot of time to test that setting yet. I also made a thread dump, but I don't see anything obvious.
  2. I use Simple System Monitor to check CPU usage and it shows the usage for the Poweramp process. Any other way I can see what is actually using the CPU? As soon as I kill Poweramp and restart it, it's fine for some time again. I updated Poweramp, probably won't run into the issue on the weekend tho, as I'm mostly using Poweramp at workdays.
  3. Have had this problem numerous times since I last posted, mostly at work when I would listen for longer period of times. It's always using up 10-30% of my CPU constantly and continues to do so even if I unplug my headphones. I checked Logcat when this happens, but Poweramp itself doesn't log anything during high CPU usages. If there's anything I should look for, please tell me. I can offer a rooted phone, maybe that can help as well in debugging this problem. Regarding the huge library, I only have 1446 tracks scanned by Poweramp. Greetings.
  4. Just charged my phone, will have Poweramp playing for half an hour with screen off and as the active app and another half an hour afterwards in the background. I will post results in an hour or so. You want power consumption screenshots? I could also help out with some logcat output if you have a suspision what might cause it and those would be of any help. Greetings, dunkel Edit: Nevermind, didn't consume a single % in half an hour I will keep an eye out.
  5. Have been running into the same problem in the last couple of weeks as well. This seems to only happen when the screen is off, but Poweramp is the active app. When Poweramp is running in the background, it drains only a fraction of the battery. Greetings. Setup: Honor 8 FRD-L09, EMUI 5.0, Android 7.0 Poweramp v828
  6. Is it possible that the queue can have independent settings for shuffle and repeat? When using Poweramp I always "Repeat List" on, and either "Shuffle off" or "Shuffle Songs", so that the current list is repeated until I change it. When queueing a song, it is correctly played, but because the queue "inherited" the repeat setting, I have to manually disable repeat, go for the next song and re-enable it for the previous list.
  7. I have also witnessed a similar behaviour. I am mostly selecting "Repeat List" and "Shuffle Songs", so I should be kept in an endless loop of the same list in shuffled order. If I select an artist A, listen to it and disconnect my head phones, the music pauses as expected. When I reconnect them it resumes as configured, but as soon as the song is finished, either a random artist, or the next list will be started and eventually a song becomes stuck on 0:00 and the UI becomes unresponsive: Pause, Next/Previous track/list doesn't work. Navigating to another list works, but I cannot select any other song anywhere. I have to unplug my head phones, force stop Poweramp and start it again, connect my head phones and then every other time it crashes seconds after I plug in my head phones, going back to normal working order after the crash. The same behaviour happens when I am listening to playlists instead of artists: Listen to playlist A, unplug head phones, plug in head phones, song of playlist A finishes and it goes to some other playlist until the app becomes partly unresponsive (song selection, both selecting a song or the play/shuffle buttons inside a list; play/pause, etc.) Currently I'm abusing the queue as my playlist, as I haven't had such issues with that. It's just cumbersome clearing the queue and adding whatever I want to listen to everytime.
  8. Voted 5-star system, but I guess the best option would be an option to choose that. Slightly offtopic, bit I also would like the rating back in list views like in the v709 design (I hope skins could do that atleast).
  9. New UI, but with more options (option to hide album art in list views for compacter list items).
  10. I tried rolling back. Uninstalling v793 and installing v709 result in loss of all data (settings, playlists, ratings, ...). Creating a backup of v793, uninstalling it, installing v709 and applying the data of the v793 backup will result in Poweramp silently crashing. I'll wait for fixes. If some of the UI concerns of mine won't be adressed, I'm thinking about rolling back to v709 regardless. Never had any issues with that version. I will try backing up playlists manually by creating empty m3u playlists, filling them up from the Poweramp ones and then import them in v709. Dunno if this will work. I'd rather not do that.
  11. My Device: Honor 8 FRD-L09, Android 7.0 (Stock ROM). Poweramp beta-build-793-play (Full Version). First and foremost: I tried going back to the previous design (v709 if I'm not mistaken), but I get an error that the package appears to be corrupt (both uni and play). What am I doing wrong? I re-downloaded both. If I have to uninstall Poweramp beforehand, will I lose settings, playlists etc.? I see v793 as a major downgrade because of the shuffle/repeat behaviour (bugged and being overwritten at every opportunity) and wasted space with album arts in most list views (see below for more feedback). The removed star rating system is also a big one. List options: Can we have options without art? I'd prefer a compat one- or two-liner for each song in most views (albums for example, the album art is displayed n+1 times for n songs, which is totally unnecessary). It's a nice addition for artists and albums for an artist, but in any other view I'd rather just have the old version's style back (the alpha before the latest UI overhaul). Rating system: Can we have the star rating back as an option? I don't care if the data is lost because of the update, I just don't see a point in downvoting songs I put on my device. I prefer to give songs 1-5 stars to seperate them from non-rated songs. Main player view: Can we customize the three horizontal dots menu inside the album art? I don't need lyrics and delete there. I'd rather not have to scroll to get down to the artist/album/folder parts which I used very often in the old version. Can the repeat and shuffle selection be remembered like it used to be in the old version? I don't like having the shuffle and play buttons (next to SELECT) overwrite my last settings every time. The incorrent shuffle behaviour was already mentioned in other threads, but this is the biggest problem I have and why I want to revert to an earlier version if possible (for now). I guess the only place I'd want these options to be overwritten is the queue (I'd love it if the queue would behave like Winamp's queue, but with the option to add songs not in the current selection of songs. Can we disable some buttons? I don't want visualization ever and I think the timer function would be a better fit for the menu inside the album art. Search: The x in the input box does nothing. I suppose/hope it's supposed to clear the input field. There are no "View As" options for the search results. Will those be added (List, List small, options with no album art) Library: Can we get some long-hold option menu for some items? For example clearing the queue, which now takes four clicks to clear it and return to the library view. I'd rather long-hold Queue and select "Clear queue" instead. Might not be intuitive, but if you know it, it would be quite handy. For Artist, album, and playlist an option for "Random artist/album/playlist" would be neat. Lock screen: The android lock screen still doesn't work with EMUI 5 (Huawei's UI). Just saying. Would be nice if it could be fixed, but I'm used to it.
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