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  1. Mmmm, I wanna have this on Windows-player too. Any player) I can't find it on Windows. Repeats are terrible especially when I want to hear music 3-4 times in a week 😃
  2. No, I just copy new songs in a folder, and Poweramp always plays that folder. I will check "10/55" soon.
  3. Even when I add a new songs to a playlist? Strange, maybe, I'm wrong in my playlist creating method. I will try new update (using 2* for now) and check your info, thanks.
  4. I use Poweramp 3-5 times in a week. But every time I powered up my player-phone, Poweramp repeats some old songs even if I added new positions in a song folder. Looks like shuffle table regenerates when I added a new positions or after phone powered up. Can I avoid these repeats? I want only add a new positions, not to reset play count of songs played before. I want to play every song only one time until songs folder reached the end.
  5. Can you add a "Play Count Control" ability in Poweramp? This ability must allow every track in a playlist (in shuffle mode) to be played only one time. Even when add a new positions. Thanks.
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