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  1. About the tags I removed. As an example, the album Aurora by Breaking Bejamin: when I would go to select "atrists" every song in that album would show up as a seperate artist. In the tags I saw each song on the album had different contributing arists. I just went in and removed that tag then made sure all the songs had the same artist without additional descriptions.
  2. Holy crap it worked!!! Brother you are a freaking genius! Yes MusicBrainz was troubling to use and did not work. So, as per your suggestion, I tried Tagscanner. I had to watch a few Youtube tutorials on how to use it but it worked perfectly. Now my Poweramp works flawlessly. Now I can easily browse through Artist/Album. Just as you said the issue was due to the different hidden tags on each song which Poweramp read as a seperate artist. Removing those tags was the trick. I had not even known they existed! Again THANK YOU! You dont know it but you made a huge posituve difference in my life. I use Poweramp at work to make my day go by faster and it was SO frustrating to waste time scrolling through endless songs when I simply wanted to choose an ablum. FYI: I am sure I am not the only one who had this issue. I am sure there are others who tried Poweramp and then dismissed it for this very reason. Can you make the developer aware of this? When the issue first appeared, a number of years ago, I had to revert to an ealier version of Poweramp. Version 2.0.10-build-588-uni worked fine until just last year. Again Thank you!
  3. Thank you SO much for your suggestions. On my PC I looked at the "propertise" of several of the effested albums and I did find differences. Namely in "contributing artists". Also to look into this better I have installed Poweramp on an Emulator on my PC. (Phone is just too small!). I am going to try your suggestion and edit the tags using MusicBrainz Picard. I will keep you posted on the results. Again thank you as now I at least have a direction to persue.
  4. This is driving me nuts and is a deal breaker as to whether or not I continue to use Poweramp. I hope someone reading this can help me. When I want to listen to a particular album I go to the menu and select "artist" and make my choice. Then once in "Artist" I select the particular album I want to listen to. However for some albums Poweramp pulls out EVERY song as an indivual album. I have a lot of music on my phone and this makes it extremely frustrationg. To have to wade through hundreds of individual songs to find an atrist or album is just too much. I have been careful in creating my music files and each Artist is filed seperately with albums sperated in subfolders. What am I doing wrong here? Can someone reading this please help me? I used to love this app. Now after all the updates and changes I am having second thoughts. The one thing I loved most about it was that I could navigate it on a intuitive level. That is now totally gone.
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