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  1. I just did a full rescan and it didn't take long. That worked! No more notification/ringtones in my music library on Poweramp! Cool!
  2. Thanks Andre. I had done a rescan (in the settings menu) but not a FULL rescan. I am doing that now and will see if that works. (I found full rescan in the settings menu so am set.) Thanks for the info!
  3. This is a request for help. I love Poweramp but just load the songs I want to play (no playlist required). Unfortunately the app scans my SD card on the phone and pulls in notification and ringtones. How do I remove these from the Poweramp library without deleting them from my SD card? I've tried Settings/Folders and Library/Music Folders - and have unchecked all but the music folder. That didn't work. The notification/ringtones are still listed when I pull up the Poweramp library. Any suggestions?
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