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  1. Also, the current track time isn't shown either, this would be nice
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I mean like bookmarks for audiobooks. I don't usually have .cue files but I can create a blank one easily. If this feature is added to Poweramp it would be fantastic
  3. I like this "sensitive scrolling" idea, especially when listening to a DJ set that is really long, a small finger movement can change 5 minutes or more, so better control would be great
  4. Although the << and >> buttons are on the lock screen widgets, having the progress bar too would be perfect. This is because I mostly listen to DJ sets, which can be 2 hours+, so it would be ideal to have the ability to jump straight to a part of the set.
  5. Hi, First of all, I've just started using Poweramp and, having tried a number of other music players, I have to say this is easily the best! It's quick, simple to use yet full of features, slick, has a good lock screen widget, etc. so I'm impressed, well done I've got a slightly strange feature request...I'm a DJ and mostly listen to other DJ sets which are usually 1 hour plus (sometimes longer than 2 hours) in a single mp3 file. Whenever I hear a tune I like, I want to make a note of it so that I can go and buy it myself. When I'm driving my car this isn't easy as I don't have direct access
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