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    Car Mode

    To be honest, I don't really think a car mode is needed. There's a setting that lets you add controls onto the lock screen. Go under settings -->lock screen --> then enable ICS lock screen. You don't need to leave the lock screen to use the controls. When a song is playing, you just need to click the power button on the side and the mini-player will pop up with simplified controls on the lock screen. Has pretty much all the features you wanted: skip songs, album art, pause/play, rating, random/repeat selection. Works very well as it is IMO.
  2. When scrolling through lists, could you add letters down the right hand side so you can simply click a letter and jump to songs, artists, or albums which start with that letter? That's what I miss most about the iphone music player. Makes it alot easier than click and dragging down to the desired letter.
  3. When you select "artist" it brings up a list of all their albums. Could you include one for all albums or all songs instead of having to select each album? It's nice being able to select each album, but it would be nice to be able to select all the songs from the artist as well. This app would pretty much be perfect, if it had this one extra feature. I know there is a way to select all songs, but you have to select a song to play, then hold down the song name, then click on artist. This seems to be a fairly complicated, roundabout way.
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