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  1. UPDATE on my music playing on top of music. I had tried I believe everything, Spoke with Samsung a couple times direct. Determined my Galaxy 21 Ultra had the issue. They authorized an exchange and Miraculously the Poweramp app worked I've used this app for years and the thought of not having it was terrible. Thanks for trying to help Sincerely Bob
  2. I installed 905 and some older versions did the same has to be this new phone galaxy 21 ultra
  3. This is the combination of settings I'm trying it acts like for a second it may work than continues to play both audio sources
  4. I play Amazon music as well through Alexa Which I can do if I manually pause Poweramp however on my galaxy s9 I simple say alexa play my music poweamp will pause and alexa will play and when I say alexa stop Poweramp will begin. Perfect. The galaxy 21 will just continue playing Poweramp while alexa plays at the same time I disabled duck it paused for about a second than continued to play ugh
  5. Seem I've tried multiple setting it works with my galaxy 9 this a new galaxy21 ultra And have duplicated my phone settings as well
  6. Audio focus is on so that it should pause get a short pause than it starts again
  7. I contacted both Samsung and Amazon Samsung says there phone is fine Amazon Suggest reboot lol nothing seems to help
  8. I believe so I'm running beta now still having the same issue will check it out after work In the past I would be listening to Poweramp and I could speak to alexa auto Poweramp would pause and I could listen to alexa. Now when I speak to echo auto Poweramp and alexa talk on top of each other Poweramp does not pause
  9. Not able to use my echo auto worked seamlessly before now they play music on top of each other galaxy 21 ultra I've used Poweramp for years a great program. I spoke with Samsung says its a bug in the app or echo auto however was fine with galaxy 9
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