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  1. Yep, it would have been overwhelming for me but I knew a little bit about using eq from before so wasn't an issue for me. I am attaching two of my favorite presets so you have a starting point and you can tweak it to your liking. Big Note: This is strictly my personal preference so if it dosent sound good to you, go ahead and trash the preset. The one named for music is for music and the one named clear voice makes the voice clearer in movies and stuff. Lemme know if u liked them. Clear Voice [8_29_21, 3_48 PM].json For Music PmpEQparamtric [8_29_21 3_52 PM].json
  2. I did full rescan and clearing cache yesterday and the force default image was always off. Weird thing, it got fixed just now after I turned off Use 24bit RGB. Just to check whether that was the issue I turned it back on and the images are still there so I'm not sure what's the issue. Regardless, it's all fixed now.
  3. @andrewilley all the images are embedded.
  4. I have a weird glitch with the app which started recently. All the album art just disappeared out of nowhere. Few songs do still have album art but most just vanished. I guess this can be fixed by clearing the app data,but this is still a bug. Also, if anyone knows a way to fix it without clearing app data, it would be helpful. (P.S I am on the latest version of Poweramp and on Android 9)
  5. I was just going to ask for this too, I prefer DVC to be on whenever I'm using earphones but when I'm on speaker, I like having the DVC off. It's off by default in Poweramp and I want that in PEQ too if possible
  6. @TysonMcgee1969 +1 I'd like that too! Kinda like how there is quick settings toggle for Poweramp.
  7. @Manikantan Poweramp equalizer already works with many websites that play audio or video, as long as you are using an android browser. There are just a few websites that don't work but there's no way to fix that as far as I know.
  8. +1 I totally support this idea!! I've messed up my tweaks so many times because of this. In graphic eq mode, this was fixable since presets auto saving was turned off, so if I messed something up, I could go back to the preset and get my original settings back. I suggest either adding a toggle to lock settings or an option to turn off auto save for parametric eq.
  9. I think making the eq system wide is possible but it won't be as powerful as it is now. There are several apps that can do global equalization by now like Boom3d, power audio equalizer and sound beautifier. If Max has plans to implement something like this (I really hope he does) , I suggest that he make a toggle to switch between global mode and the normal mode because I think global mode equalizers are much weaker than normal ones.
  10. Oh, then it must be my phone. Like I said, it works fine most of the time so it's not a major issue.
  11. This update is just amazing!! I have gotten better sound with 5 bands of parametric eq than 15 bands of graphic eq. However, after this update i have been facing a bug with the preset auto-assign. It dosent happen all the time but occasionally when i connect my earphones the parametric presets dosent change to the one i assigned for headphones. Same happens when i remove headphones, it dosent switch to the preset I assigned for speakers. Has anyone else faced this issue, or is it just me?
  12. Is it possible to implement presets for the compressor? I do use the compressor a lot but the settings usually need to be changed when listening to a different audio or watching a different video. But, I'd like to be able to go back to my previous settings afterwards. I'm pretty sure others would also benefit from this feature. So, if its possible, i think this would be a great addition to the eq app.
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