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  1. as someone whose only device for obtaining and using music is a phone running android 10 (with the notorious music metadata bug), being able to select per track cover art for singles in app would be spectacular. I've given up on trying to fix this issue on my own since I don't currently have a PC to edit the metadata properly and I'm not trying to source releases with the individual covers already imbedded. minor feature request but it'd be very convenient, so bump (if that's a thing here)
  2. When I mentioned being able to pick a color on my own, I meant on a per album basis. Sort of like a setting in the same tab as the one you use to change album artwork for a single album. Besides implementing the color picking UI, it could be as simple as a user choosing a color and a HEX value being saved in the settings or in the album folder. I know this is sort of a niche feature and the app wasn't designed to do this but that's why I'm posting in the feature /request/ forum. obviously aesthetics aren't the most important thing to focus on but Poweramp has really grown into itself with V3 and I think this simple feature would compliment the app's visual design well. However, being that it seems like only two people here are interested in this feature, syncing the background colour with the notification widget color picker might be the easiest option to implement. Either way, I just thought i'd throw the idea out there because I think a uniform solid color looks way better in the player than having a slightly faded version of the art as a background.
  3. I have maximum blur but I've kept BG details at '1' instead of '0', as the latter tends to produce less pleasing results. I also had to experiment a lot with saturation and intensity to get the results I have. I'm pretty happy with how most albums look, but there are several that are kind of jarringly off and it irks me. I think a dedicated color picker is a fantastic idea.
  4. okay, sorry to keep bothering, but I had square aspect ratio for album art settings chosen so the thumbnails in the albums page would all be cohesive. until today (after placing the playlist shortcut) that setting choice didn't affect my playlist headers at all, so by choosing 'default' instead of square, my playlist headers are fixed but now some of the thumbnails in the album section are doing their own thing, so I guess I still have a bug
  5. I think that's my problem. I have the settings in such a way that if I changed them the albums that look nice in the player wouldn't look that way anymore. that's what I mean by inconsistent. I'd rather the player choose a major color from the artwork and then use a slightly darker shade of that to display as the background color instead of averaging all the colors and displaying that way. Honestly i wouldnt even mind being able to set a specific color on a per album basis. I don't know much about app development but this is basically my only hangup with Poweramp.
  6. that worked, thanks! not sure why the problem arose just today, though.
  7. Currently, I've fiddled with the background color options to make it looks mostly how I want it, but it seems to be very inconsistent with how it looks. I guess this is a request for a more refined color picker that is more akin to the notification shade color picker example of really nice color pick;
  8. this is what I'm referencing. if I swipe down slightly the image will fill the header, but as soon as I lift my finger, it goes back to being a square img with black borders
  9. build 905 Galaxy S9, android 10 after placing a shortcut to a playlist on my home screen I went into the app and noticed that the header images for all but one of my playlists suddenly stopped stretching to fill that portion of the screen. I tried choosing the same image file for the playlists again to see if that would reset it but the problem persisted. was wondering if this is something I could fix myself.
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