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  1. I re-read my last post "I think there is a serious bug in the way "android auto is handling albumart". I cleared Android Auto cache and now, like Don S "I too am a Windows ID10T" 😃
  2. Android 11 hides the android auto app unlike previous versions. the only thing you can do is open the settings.
  3. Still broken. Even after cleaning cache, moving files, the albumart is showing incorrectly - It is showing cached data from files that are no longer located in the folder. Like Don I think there is a serious bug in the way android auto is handling albumart.
  4. I have a similar problem and after reporting to support twice I'm getting nowhere. VLC works just fine. It's a shame as Poweramp is a great well featured app. probably too many features 😕 I think it's an issue with the database sending only 1 type of coverart to the head unit.
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