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  1. Ok... I followed your link for the Android grant access, I reapplied the folders. Still not working. I did an a clear cache and data then did an uninstall, did not check save data associated with app. When I reinstall the library still shows up I have to do a full scan in order to use it. And all my settings are still there. The reinstall had the same result. That 128 SD has been reformatted and used elsewhere. Android 11 was pushed sometime in May and security applied June 1.


  2. Ok I did my restore which took 4 hours and the same result. I had to re-select my directories again and run a full scan as the reformatted volume was not recognized by Poweramp (storage not Mounted). When every thing was fine I reloaded my Playlist back to my last track and then rebooted same result. Even though I had a SanDisk 128GB SD in my phone for a year without issue through this April when I replaced it with the current SanDisk 512. I thought maybe the new SD was bad as I had read how people reviewed saying they had problems with my 512 on Amazon. Granted at my choice yesterday I ordered a SAMSUNG EVO Select 512GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 and when it came this evening I did the restore to that and it only took 2 hours since I averaged 64 MB/s write speed with the Samsung as apposed to the 34 MB/s with the SanDisk. After backup completed I booted with the Samsung. I had to re-select my directories and run a full scan for this new volume which completed everything was fine I loaded my playlist and return to my last track which was 189 of 3034. Rebooted and same result on the brand new SD. Let alone I spend cash for a new albeit faster SD and went through 7 plus hours of restores/re-scans etc. I appreciate the help but feeling my wheels spinning. Where does Poweramp write its database? Can we check it? Could this be a Moto Android 11 rom issue?

  3. Yes all Poweramp settings remain as set except the library. I am waiting for Play Store to update several apps including Poweramp and then I will try the reformat. Updated to build-909-arm64-play [909004-fbdc1b79].

  4. I have those extra directories checked because when I was having issues with Power Amp Album Art and Android Auto I had tried several other apps and a had created playlists which I exported to the music directories. I have since moved them to one on the SD. Music1 on the SD is where my music files are.

    Auto scan is off.



  5. No when I do the full scan everything is fine until I do a reboot and then I must run another full scan before any of library is found except for playlists. My folders were correctly selected. However, I removed them and re-added them, Power Amp ran a full re-scan. After it was complete the Library was there bit I had to reload my playlist and scroll to the last track I was listening to because the queue was loaded with a different set of files.

    See attachments  file folder selections and then library after full re-scan, then library and power amp after reboot Full re-scan required again.

    library folder selection.png

    after reselection of folders and full scan.png

    After Reboot2.png

    After Reboot.png

  6. Ok I checked my permissions for Power Amp and it had none so I granted access to files and Media. I unmounted my SD card and remounted it took about 18 seconds to mount just to see how long that took....note on reboot it doesn't mount until after I unlock phone. I did a full rescan after turning auto scan off. Still not working. I don't have any kind of third party security or virus software installed. I have Total Commander installed as my only system tool.

  7. PA Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode is turned off.  The SD does take a few seconds to load as I see a SD icon in notification bar on boot up. However this has done this previously when I didn't have this problem. I remember reading reviews that complained about the same thing on Google Play and I thought at that time I don't seem to have that problem. It has occurred the last few reboots.

  8. I have an issue when I reboot my Moto G Power which is running Android 11 with my library (1279 folders, 17 playlists, 16570 files) loaded on a SanDisk 512GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card. I lose my queue because my playlist can't find my files and have to do a full re-scan with Power Amp before my library is restored. Power Amp does try to do a quick scan but only finds playlists which I am sure are loaded on the phone storage.

    I usually reboot my phone every few weeks or so this has happened over the past few times but I believe it wasn't an issue until recent security patch beginning of June. I know it booted and Power Amp returned fine after original Android 11 update in April  or May.

  9. I am not sure what you mean "run Local on my phone". When not connected to the car the only thing I can do is open the Android Auto settings. I have Android 11 and need to go settings - Apps And Notification - All 106 Apps  - open Android Auto and select - advanced - additional settings in app to open settings. I have no Android Auto Icon in my Apps from launcher.  When I am connected to the car the Album Art is displayed on my phone as it always has been since I first started using Power Amp, just not on the car receiver.

  10. I wanted to update this as I still don't have album art. I did a full uninstall and reinstall with no effect on my getting album art in Android Auto. I guess this is an issue with Android Auto or Power Amp or Boss receiver or some combination. After trying other apps which did show album art but have too many down sides - poor audio or bad playlist creation. I have returned to PA as it is truly the best when it comes to sound and playlist creation which is my main way of listening to my music. I will just live with it hoping for some future update from Google or PA which will fix it. I am a slightly disappoint since I spend 800+ on my new car stereo which did give me much improved sound and maps etc however Power Amp and Android Auto wireless did not result in any better display information than my Bluetooth connection and stock head unit. Thanks for all your assistance.

  11. I have build 905-arm64-play Full version, running on a Moto G Power 2020 with Android 11 with 16570 tracks on my 512GB SD. I recently added an Android Auto receiver to my car. The Poweramp app works nearly perfectly with the unit I see album art when viewing Artist, Albums and Playlists etc but when I play my track there is no album art. I have tried setting all the relevant settings that are indicated for Album Art in Android Auto but nothing seems to work. I have tried other apps like Musicolet, YTMusic and the album art is displayed.  I love Poweramp and have been using it for years I would rather use this as it sounds the best. Please any help with this would be appreciated.


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