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  1. I fixed this by uninstalling AND clearing the powamp Data files. If you leave them I won't work and will keep crashing.
  2. So I bought the Poweramp unlocker on Google Play store using the same google account I have on my android head unit. At first it wanted me to buy again but then said error you already own this. So it finally updated and allowed me to install it. So when I clicked it and clicked Open Poweramp it crashes. I have AGAMA car launcher which has Poweramp integrated so I changed my default music app to Vanilla music temporarily in case it couldn't unlock while active and open. That didn't work so I Uninstalled it but kept the files so it doesn't have to re-download album art etc and and clicked Poweramp unlocked and chose install, which it did but then it still crashes. Anyone know why this would be happening? I also tried to force stop while opening unlocked after clearing cache.
  3. Yeah, I have automatic downloading setup and it shows when i click on the album but not when i scroll through albums and artists. Also, music skips sometimes with super high quality FLAC files. Could this be the Legacy file access process being slower? I tried pointing it to my external drive on my android head unit without legacy but it only sees files actually on the device. The device does take about 2 minutes to mount the external storage after I turn it on. Sorry I will remove other post.
  4. Hello, I recently bought agama car launcher for my android head unit(android 10) and am trying to convert to it from vanilla music and foobar2000. What is the difference between the paid version and the free version? Also, it seems like Poweramp couldn't find my flac files on my external hd without clicking the legacy option... is this a common issue and does this downgrade me to v2 or is it just using legacy to find my files? I like the app so far. Also my albums show up when I click them but in the main artist list the albums just show up as the Poweramp icon. I have like 1 tb of music on an external HD so it took a while to compile the library but it looks like it is done and I still can't see album art in the artist category.
  5. Why does my music sound so different in Poweramp vs vanilla music? I tried enabling aaudio and opensl hifi... I am trying to play high quality flac... higher than it states opens will do. Like 96bitrate 196khz. I am playing it on an android 10 head unit in my car that has a built in rohm32107 dsp and an amplifier (tda6191) for my speakers, and I have my subwoofer connected to rca output with an external amplifier. Will things sound different I I use the optical output spdif?
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