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  1. I think I already discussed this a bit but wasn't worded as well. I was wondering if you could provide an option to have the app load only embedded album covers for individual tracks rather than taking one cover from a track on the same album and using it for all the songs on the album.
  2. Whenever I try to put individual covers for this one album, all the other tracks in the album end up changing their cover to match the one I recently changed
  3. Oh no I mean I was requesting the Producer Tag as a feature
  4. I meant as a tag screens but I wouldn't mind it being an official category too I meant as an official tag screen but also as a category too so I could split producer artists like I do normal artists. Speaking of that, is there a possible way you could add a feature where it merges artists and composers together under one profile 🤔 so all their songs they are involved in whether it's "composing" or featuring is under one category
  5. Is there anyway yall could add producer tags in metadata? I've been using the composer tag to substitute but just wondering if it's possible to have a producer tag in Metadata in the future.
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