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  1. I think i mentioned it in another thread, its an lg e400 (android gingerbread), and i have tried factory reset and a lot more complicated fixes too but I'm still working on it to try get it to install apks, and yes, a new phone is definitely on the plan😀
  2. Thanks for counting, couldn't have done it better myself😀 Yeh, thanks! I managed to get a few good skins which i modified and mixed to better fit my small screen.
  3. I would never try to bypass payment. I wasn't asking that, i was pointing out what i thought might be a problem with Poweramp enabling users to bypass payment for paid skins. If you would have read my earlier posts you'd see i don't even have v3 of Poweramp and i have no use of some method of bypassing payment even if i would believe it was ok to do that.
  4. As far as i know most free apps on the play store can be downloaded as apks so if its a free skin with time limit like flyingdutchmans, you could bypass the time limit by using the skin without installing like i did. I know v2 is long gone but i expect it would be the same for v3. Thanks for the hd skins but what i wanted to know is what are they? How are they different then the built in ones?
  5. In settings, there is an option of "Poweramp HD skins" and "get more skins", whats the diff? Also out of curiosity, what stops someone from using the apk/jar method to use a trial paid skin without it expiring (supposing it works on v3 too?)?
  6. Anyway what are the best skins for v2? do you remember any good ones?
  7. I downloaded a skin as apk put it in /sdcard/android/com.whatever/skins, renamed it .jar and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What???!!!!! How on earth??! I'm shocked!!! 😉
  8. You know of any i could msg on the forum? Thanks for your help!
  9. Just read building skins guide. He says "Poweramp detects installed skins (either built as APK or as jar files in appropriate folder on sd card)". That's exactly what i was looking for, jar files can be run by apps without "installing" them. The only thing i need now is somewhere to get hold of such files from, any ideas?
  10. You say normal, is there any other method? I want to know if there is any method of getting a skin by downloading a skin file and then putting it in /sdcard/android/com.maxmpwhatever/skins or elsewhere. Is that possible, or are skins by definition apps that work with Poweramp and only work by installing the app either through an apk or from the play store? About v2 being outdated, so what? Wont there still be skins around on the internet? Thank you
  11. Sorry, i wasn't clear in my question, i cant install apps (androids package installer doesn't work). I also cant download anything from the internet using my phone. Can i get skins as a file or are skins apks (which i cant install)? In regards to play store verification, i paid for the app but since it doesn't have internet anymore i use a workaround i found that keeps it running as trial without stopping after time has run out. Thanks!
  12. I would like to install a new skin on a phone that cant install new apps or download anything from the internet (software problems on old phone), so my question is, how do skins work? Are they apps? Or are they files that i could put in the correct folder manually after downloading on my PC? Thanks!
  13. It doesn't seem to be that its denying PA enough CPU time to run when the device goes to sleep coz if i make Poweramp play from widget it doesn't stop the music but if ive used Poweramp (from app, not widget) in the past minute then even if i start playing from widget it stops when i switch off screen so it seems as if the problem is coming from Poweramp itself, not it being stopped by the phone.
  14. there is no settings whatsoever for battery optimization in 2.3 (crazy, i know)
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