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  1. For the first part of your reply you mention adding a tag. Would I do that to all the corresponding MP3 files?
  2. Hello! Sorry if my title was unclear so I will try and explain better here. I recently purchased Poweramp Unlocker for my Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra 5g. After years of using Spotify on my old iPhone I finally wanted to make the switch to a local music player. So here's my question: Inside of Poweramp's Artist list I have the same artist show up about 10-15 songs because the songs have features on them. For example I downloaded all of A$AP Ferg's album Still Striving which has a lot of songs with features. Instead of listing all the songs inside of A$AP Ferg's name it lists about 10-15 different "artists" titled A$AP Ferg;(Other artist name). Is there a setting I can change to have all these files go straight into a singular artist name? If not would changing the tags of the files fix this? (Looking for whatever is easier). Thanks!
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