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  1. Poweramp equalizer is a really cool tool to have when you're carrying hi-res audio equipment with you. Being able to see the full audio chain details, and having very granular control over sound is a very exciting and useful thing to have for the mobile audiophile. One way that I think the application can be improved, is by either changing or updating the language that surrounds the "Block Size" sliders under Advanced options in the Equalizer settings menu. The way it reads right now is a bit ambiguous and vague. It states that the sliders represent the number of samples made per cycle, but without doing the math yourself, there's nothing that tells you what the effective sample rate is based on the adjustment of these sliders. Maybe I'm confusing the intended function of these sliders, but I suppose that could be additional evidence for the need to implement additional/updated language around this feature. Keep up the great work!
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