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  1. Hello, I know this is a really old thread, but I have the same question: I purchased Poweramp with an email account I don´t use anymore, and a couple of weeks ago I bought a new phone and need to set everything with current account. Could I send a message to transfer license and everything? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I´m sorry if this topic is already created, but I searched a lot and couldn´t find anything related. Here´s the situation: updated to v3 buildm905, and everything looks OK: playlists remain, folders are scanned correctly, etc. However, there is one thing I haven´t been able to modify: when browsing through abums, a lot of text shows up on top of each cover (attached file, circled text). I looked everywhere, and couldn´t find the disable option, or at least change text size, fade, or anything. Please, any advice would be really appreciated. Check attached file, to get the idea
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