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  1. @MotleyG , I guess you're right. This one is not the "main" car of the family and it's quite old, so I didn't want to spend much money on a head unit. I guess you get what you paid for...
  2. @Andre, what I mean by "close manually" is that I click on an icon on the top right of the screen that makes all apps that are running appear as small boxes in a vertical line, and then slide PA out of that list, what makes it to stop running. It's the equivalent of double pressing the iPhone button. So I guess when that happens Android sends an intent to the app that is being closed, and PA doesn't understand that intent. I didn't find anything online about my unit's intents. Is it possible to somehow find that information on the unit itself? I guess not...
  3. That makes sense. But there's definitely something wrong with this app. If I close it manually and open it again without powering off the unit it still doesn't save the right position. But you are right, if I manually pause it before shutting down the unit it returns to the point where it was paused. Before buying Poweramp I bought another music player app, n7player. This app returns to the exact song and exact location even after power off. The problem with it is that it takes foverer to start, and crushes very frequently. It also doesn't start playing the song automatically, I have to press the 'button', but that's the smallest problem. So n7player is able to detect the shutdown/app close notification, but Poweramp isn't. The music app that comes with the unit is fast and always restarts from the right point, but other than that it is absolutely ridiculous. Completely unusable. So maybe I'll have to keep looking for some app that will work as expected. Thank you for your help.
  4. @andrewilley, one important detail is that Poweramp always returns to the right track, but it goes back to the beginning of the track. If the problem is how the car unit handles the power down, shouldn't Poweramp also restart from a different track?
  5. @andrewilley, thank you for your answer. My car unit is one of these chinese "no-name" units. I'll see if I can discover anything, but I doubt it. I never used Android before, I'm a iPhone/iPad/iPod user.
  6. I have Poweramp in an Android car unit. It works fine, with one exception: when it starts after the car has been turned off it goes back to the beginning of the song it was playing. This is annoying because we live in a small town where most drives are short, and we normally listen to live albums with some long tracks (15~20 minutes) that last longer than most drives, so that if we don't manually do something the same track can keep playing for a long time. I couldn't find a way to solve it. I bought and installed the app a few weeks ago.
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