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  1. I have enabled MusicFX in the normal Poweramp equalizer screen and also in Poweramp audio settings. I have DVC disabled in Poweramp and enabled in Poweramp equalizer. Poweramp still doesn't appear in known players section.
  2. @andrewilley Is it necessary to use ADB to allow PA to work with PA-EQ? PA is not showing on the 'known players' list. My setup: PA build number = 905 PA-EQ build number = 898 Device model = Tecno KB8 Android version = 10 Custom ROM = HiOS v6.0.0 (Q-P31-191101)
  3. I had this 👇🏿 problem mentioned by @crf450r420 ... ...where after connecting to my bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth earbuds, the volume fought itself and settled on level 34 only after starting playback(I have 'Resume on Bluetooth' disabled in PA settings). This was happening while absolute volume was disabled in android developer options and DVC was off in PA settings. This problem stopped after turning on DVC and enabling 'No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume', both in PA settings. Absolute volume is still disabled in android developer options. Now the volume jumps from level 100
  4. I'm unable to use Poweramp equalizer with Poweramp, VLC and retro player among other media players on android including youtube, youtube music, spotify, Mixcloud, SoundCloud etc. This is after enabling MusicFX and disabling DVC on Poweramp. It doesn't show up on the 'Known Players' section in the Poweramp equalizer app. Also no other media player shows up on the 'Known Players' section in the Poweramp equalizer app. My setup: Poweramp equalizer (trial version) build 898 Poweramp full version build 905 VLC 3.3.4 Android 10
  5. Please introduce a list of all playlists that a song is a member of, on the song's info/Tags dialog.
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