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  1. Poweramp version: build 905-arm64-play A discussion was started here, but it was suggested that this was a bug so I'm posting it here as well. In Android Auto, if I select a certain playlist and then hit the "shuffle" button on the top of the list, it shuffles songs starting from the first playlist on my device rather than songs in the playlist I'm currently in.
  2. Thank you for researching that! So is this a bug that I should submit to the dev? The expected behavior (to me) is that clicking "shuffle" while in a particular playlist folder should shuffle the folder you're currently in, not all the playlists you have. I would expect the latter to happen if you went to the "playlists" tab and hit "shuffle." I primarily use Poweramp while in Android Auto, so this is a frequently used feature for me.
  3. Thanks, I have done that and it's my current shuffle setting in the app when I have shuffle on. The problem is that the android auto car interface defaults to "all songs" when you hit "shuffle" at the top of a playlist. Ideally, that one tap would just shuffle all songs in that playlist, but instead, I have to select a song, then go into the menu and hit shuffle twice for it to shuffle how I want. It's too many taps for an interface that's meant to be distraction free.
  4. The android auto shuffle isn't working as expected. I'll navigate to a playlist, hit the shuffle button to shuffle the songs in that playlist and instead it shuffles all songs. The only way to get it to shuffle how I want is to select a song in the playlist and then shuffle and make sure the right shuffle (current category only) is selected from the menu...not exactly the safest thing to be doing while driving. It should be one button press. Is there a way to turn off the extra shuffle option or at least default to certain settings? It's nice that they are offered, but I just want a typical shuffle experience (shuffle the single playlist if inside a playlist folder or all songs in library if in the songs tab). These options for switching categories or shuffling all songs from anywhere is a bit much for me.
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