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  1. Hey, thanks for replying. There's exactly 5 choices to select from. Which is: By name By artist By year By date added to library By number of tracks Am I missing something? Man I suck at mobile, more of a PC type 😅
  2. Hello staff and everyone else! Having an issue that bugs the sh** out of me. Have been a huge fan of this seemingly to be one and only appropriate mobile music player there appears to be. Have even purchased it twice! after I made once a reset and could not retrieve my first license. Now here's the deal. I fcking don't know how the heck I messed this up, but somehow when I try to just access the album category for example everthing's shuffled, not in order (selected the option "by date added to library"), so not like it used to be. I presume there's a simple fix for that, though have tried everything that is shown. So please, wanna have all new added at the top to the bottom again. Thanks a bunch!
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