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  1. That's a good functional argument, but I'd still prefer my tags to match the release. Even if I was a fan of the idea, Poweramp doesn't map non-ASCII characters to ASCII when searching - I can't find "album\u2170" by searching "albumi" (see attachments). Thanks, though. This problem is compelling to me. I feel more comfortable adding additional text (not disguised or anything) to Albums since Artists can conflict similarly. In the latter case, I'd probably add "(2)" without a second thought. Thanks for all of the discussion.
  2. Exactly. That's why this is a feature request for the option to include other details in Poweramp's album merge strategy. A few other Android players have this (Musicolet, BlackPlayer), but their implementations are flawed - they only work for the Albums top-level view, not Album Artists. Also, I prefer Poweramp's UI on the whole. My preferred other detail to use is Year. Right, there's not a standard simple key to ID album releases between metadata containers - I know why the composite approach is necessary. This isn't the case for all items - the Amazon Music entries for Rick Wakeman's "King Arthur" from 1975 and the 2016 re-recording are case-insensitively the same. As a platform, Amazon can standardize on ASINs, so it's a different situation.
  3. Yep, I got your point. Mine is that I disagree with the decision to invariably define the album concept in Poweramp by the uniqueness of Album Artist + Album tags. It means I can't let my tags exactly match the original media issue, but oh well.
  4. I'd argue that albums are created by being issued as an entity, but fair enough. Thanks.
  5. To harp on it a bit more, I think Poweramp creates inconsistent expectations about year and artist albums. Being able to sort an album's songs by year suggests different values can exist within an album. However, being able to sort the list of artist albums by year, as well as the album item view showing a year at the top, suggests one value for an entire album.
  6. I wish the grouping was different or customizable, but all right.
  7. Hi, Poweramp merges albums with the same name by the same artist in the Albums and Album Artists views, and I'd appreciate them being separated. For example, Peter Gabriel's first four albums are all self-titled. Using those views, I can select the merged album and sort that item view by year, but the secondary sort for it is unconditionally by title. With the right directory structure, the Folders Hierarchy view can work, but I generally prefer other views. The files are tagged like: Artist Name : Peter Gabriel Track Title : Moribund the Burgermeister Album Title : Peter Gabriel Date : 1977 Album Artist : Peter Gabriel Track Number : 1 Total Tracks : 9 Disc Number : 1 Total Discs : 1 My preference for separating these albums would be by year, but that conflicts with the idea of having a year sort option in the album item view. I'm not sure of a better option. Is it possible to separate these as a function of Poweramp rather than bending my tags to work with the player? I'd prefer to keep the album titles as they are in music databases like Discogs. Thanks.
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