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  1. Thanx Andre! The problem was that I copied the whole folder to the new phone. Solution was to just copy these 2 selected folders into the newly created "com.maxmpz.audioplayer" folder. Finally the best player in the world works fine again! Thank you very much! Carsten
  2. Yes, I know and I did so. It's some hundred MB big. Should I copy just these paticular folders with album arts and the other within the band logos and not the whole com.maxmpz.audioplayer? And yes, it's the internal memory and not on my SD card. Thanx for your patience!
  3. Thanx for your answer Andre, but I exactly did this. And if I remember right, it also worked in the past when I changed my phone the last time 2,5 years ago. I just put the card in the new phone, copied the whole folder from old Android 11 to new Android 11 but not one single graphic is shown in the new installation. But ok, as you wrote it seems to be not guaranteed. Or maybe it's the mistake that I did a complete new scan in the options because of my desperation?
  4. I downloaded almost all graphics from the internet and then imported them to PA by using the "choose from SD card" feature.
  5. Hi, I have a new phone so I had to move all my music (on SD card) from old phone to new phone. No problem with this, all songs were found. I also transfered the com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder to the new internal storage but no graphic is shown anymore. I also tried a re-scan but nothing would work. What did I do wrong? Problem is that I have almost 1, 300 folders containing almost 14,000 songs with all the album covers and band logos. I hope you will help me, thanxx a lot!!!
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