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  1. The "missing" songs used to be MP3 as they were purchased through Google Play and I could play them on any music player app, including Poweramp. Once the conversion happened to POS Youtube Music it appears they are no longer available.
  2. Thanks for the insights! Figured that was the case but thought I should confirm. Good times.
  3. Yes it's Android 11 and I'm just using the pre-installed My Files app.
  4. Nothing there. What I expected. Thanks for the help!!
  5. I don't. I've searched the files on my phone and can't find them. That's my issue.
  6. I purchased multiple songs using Google Play and transferred everything to YouTube Music. There is a download function on YT. I don't seem to be able to find these "downloads" like I can on songs from Amazon etc. Is PA unable to play these??
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