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  1. Hi @maxmp, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I cannot install GApps at all because I already have microG installed and doing so would basically break the entire system. Is it possible to migrate my subscription from Google Play Store to Poweramp website in such a way that I can use the DRM-free version? Thanks again.
  2. Hi guys, I bought Poweramp a few years ago on Google Play Store on my phone and I loved it. Yesterday I decided to degoogle my phone and install a new OS, specifically e/OS, which uses microG in order to connect my phone with Google services. I installed Poweramp from Aurora Store, which is a FOSS store (basically a mirror of Play Store) and everything went ok, I was also able to install Poweramp unlocker, but unfortunately Poweramp can't validate itself due to the lack of Play Store. I noticed that it is possible to buy Poweramp from the official website, so is it possible to m
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