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  1. Nothing has worked. Restored factory settings, full boot, waited for the toast (no toast on my android btw I have never seen toast but sounds cool). Even after pointing PA to my SD Card, I still have to do full reboot. Please advise Power Amp and Co. !!! I see all 16 Gigs of songs I downloaded, but when I press play, It says FAILED TO PLAY storage unmounted. The little circle shows the app is doing something but it seems like nothing comes of it. A bug?? I don't know. Thanks
  2. Yes I pointed PA in the specified direction of my SD Card again and did a full scan once again. This corrects the problem I found but the SD Card gets unmounted each time I shut down for a while or if my battery dies and I do a charge. It would be more convenient if I did not have to point PA to my micro SD Card and run a full scan so much. Thank you so much
  3. Hello, Yes, music 🎵 is indeed on a micro SD Card, thank you. Motorola E5 Supra cell phone, Android 8.0.0. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Failed to play storage unmounted. I get this when I start my power amp after shutting down. My music is on my sim card. I can't play my music readily. How do I stop this.
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