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  1. Hi MaxMP, I just installed/sideloaded the latest version of Poweramp (v3.905) on my Shield TV and it does work well but not perfectly. I understand that making Poweramp Android TV compliant would be a chore but the Shield is a device used by tech savvy people and, like me, they will sideload it if it will work for them. For me, Poweramp's ability to play high resolution audio is key. No other music player does it well. A few suggestions for a future version: - Create left and right button commands while in the library to facilitate easier navigation through a large music library with a remote control - While inside an Artist page, allow an option for smaller thumbnails or text only album names - Make 'options,' that are in the foreground, highlighted in a way that makes it clear that clicking 'okay' selects them. (i.e. artists in music library or albums in artists) Great App otherwise. I use Poweramp on Windows PC and love it!
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