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  1. Sorry, I didn't think to share my platform: Pixel 4 running Android 11. Now that you mention it this was working on my Pixel 2, which is also running Android 11. I switched phones recently. I have deleted all the music/folders and reloaded but maybe its a PA database error that's not clearing? I use iSyncr to transfer my iTunes playlists (and associated music files/album art) from a PC to the phone. Its been functional, and as I said the "AlbumArt.jpg" files are in the music folders on the phone. I tried a reboot and no change unfortunately. But I did check info at the top of
  2. Thanks for the info, Not sure what changed to make this not work, but iTunes labels all album art files as "AlbumArt.jpg". Same file name in every album/artist/song folder. That seems to qualify for being album art for Poweramp. Files sizes are over 4kb and less than 1mb. One observation: "full rescan" takes seconds and I have GB of music files so that makes me think its not actually scanning everything, even though it says "done". Which version am I using? I don't see a version number in the About section of the settings. Just Build #s for the app and unlocker.
  3. I have Poweramp build 905 (full version). I use iSyncr to copy music (and album art) from iTunes on a PC to my Android phone. This used to work fine, but now no album art. Music still works. Album art not displayed and if I check via the menu it says "data not available". I confirmed the jpgs are in the song folders with the mp3 and m4a files. File Browser associates album art with the music files. Visualizations turned off completely (easy to accidentally turn on; more difficult to turn off). Album Art Cache cleared. Negatives cleared. Music library deleted and comple
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